12 Things That Make a Neighborhood Great

Story Highlights
  • #1 - Lifestyle match
  • #2 - Friendly setting for families
  • #3 - Presence of great schools
  • #4 - Low crime rate
  • #5 - Proximity to public transport
  • #6 - Nearby shopping and restaurants
  • #7 - Nightlife and entertainment
  • #8 - Neighborhood walkability
  • #9 - Ample of outdoor activities
  • #10 - Local history
  • #11 - Access to medical care
  • #12 - Pride in homeownership

You’ve heard the saying: location, location, location.

You have to remember that, when buying a house, you are not just buying a place to live, but you are buying into the neighborhood and the community.

Neighborhoods are not exactly the same and they cater to different types of people with different needs and desires. While there is no perfect neighborhood, there are components and elements that make a neighborhood great.

Use the list below to evaluate your needs and match them with the neighborhood that you would like to move into one day:

#1 – Lifestyle match

Is the neighborhood in sync with your lifestyle?

A family of five might not find a cool, ultra-hip condo in the downtown neighborhood the best fit for their lifestyle, just as a young professional wouldn’t fit in with a gated community.

Make sure your neighborhood caters towards your needs.

#2 – Friendly setting for families

Buyers with children will be drawn to neighborhoods where a lot of families live. There will be more opportunities for children to socialize and there will probably be a lot of carpooling groups that your child can join.

Children’s programs and after-school activities become much more accessible in these areas.

#3 – Presence of great schools

Families with children will classify great neighborhoods as those with great schools.

The importance of schools are obvious for the children’s education and family members, but it also enhances the overall value of the neighborhood and keeps property values strong.

#4 – Low crime rate

A low crime rate gives neighborhoods a sense of peace. It’s a quick way to tell if a neighborhood is improving or not, because the community will be concerned about the sense of security.

A transitional neighborhood can be characterized by its crime rate.

#5 – Proximity to public transport

Public transit is a great plus for any neighborhood.

This is perfect for anyone, from the busy millennial or the pensioner who wishes to save cash and keep the car in the garage.

#6 – Nearby shopping and restaurants

If you don’t want to cook every evening and enjoy the hustle & bustle of eating out, then nearby restaurants and shopping centers are a great way to entertain the family (and get a break from the stove!).

#7 – Nightlife and entertainment

One thing that could make the neighborhood come alive is a bar, theatre or cinema.

These are usually a priority for anyone who is young and single, but everyone appreciates a hotspot that is just a cab ride away.

#8 – Neighborhood walkability

Going to the park, mall or restaurant without having to use the car is an attractive idea for most people.

You get to enjoy a safe, scenic view of your neighborhood and you don’t have to subject yourself to road rage!

#9 – Ample of outdoor activities

Being close to places where you can jog, sail or play sports such as golf or soccer will improve the appeal of your neighborhood.

Easy access to amenities such as pools or tennis courts are also qualities which keep the neighborhood on par.

#10 – Local history

An area with history has its own special appeal: old trees lined up next to the streets and old houses that tell stories.

These are neighborhoods that are very stable with long-time residents and community support that help keep the crime rate low.

#11 – Access to medical care

A nearby medical center or hospital is key for many people like families with children, retirees, and seniors.

#12 – Pride in homeownership

This is obvious when residents look after and maintain their homes.

Neighbors usually connect with each other and learn to care for each other, making it a safe community that wants to better the area.

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