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9 Things to Consider Before Starting Bathroom Renovation

During the renovation of the home, the most complicated space that needs a lot of care and attention is the bathroom.

Bathroom renovation is a complicated task because plumbing is evolved and a small mistake can create bigger problems in near future.

If you are planning to renovate your bathroom here are few points to consider before you start your bathroom renovation:

1. Design and style of faucets

You should carefully choose the design of the showers and faucets such as handheld showers and easy-to-grip lever faucets are ones that suit people of all abilities.

But you should plan permanent features early.

Check out lifestyle magazines and online magazines to find out new styles that have come in the market.

2. Space for toiletries

You should place a corner cupboard or any shelf with a mirror fixed to give a permanent home to your toiletries and accessories required in the bathroom.

You should create this space considering the number of members in the home who will use the bathroom and also the height of the kids. This will help in keeping your bathroom organized and accessible.

Things to Consider Before Starting Bathroom Renovation
Things to Consider Before Starting Bathroom Renovation

3. The height of bathroom accessories

This is an important factor, although there are no hard-and-fast rules about how high or low the towel bars and robe hooks or taps should be at.

You should decide where to put these accessories at the beginning of the renovation.

This will help to add extra blocking where needed before finishing the walls and it will also not ruin the walls later because potential spots will be marked with painter’s tape first.

4. Wiring

When you decide the renovation of the bathroom you should also consider replacing the bathroom wiring because chances are that after years of use it must have got ruined from inside.

Bathroom Renovation
Bathroom Renovation

5. Flooring

The flooring of the bathroom is a very important decision you should look for flooring that is not slippery and warm.  Thus, select the material for flooring accordingly.

You should install small tile if you don’t want anyone to get slipped due to large and un-textured tiles. Smaller tiles have traction due to which a person will feel easy to walk on these tiles.

Non-slippery flooring will prevent many accidents.

6. Lighting

The lighting of the bathroom should neither be too sharp or too dull. You should always use a dimmer so that you can dim the light instead of switching off the light.

If you are looking to use your bathroom mirror, then you should try to go for functional lighting for your bathroom mirror. You have to install a bright light if you want to use makeup and all these things. Ideally, you should also consider choosing options that don’t consume a lot of power.

Vanity of the bathroom should be tightened properly.

7. Avoid wallpaper

Wallpapers are completely no for the bathroom because they can’t stand up to humidity and they will come off in no time.

8. Vent

A fan or a vent is must for the bathroom; you should pick the proper vent and block the space for the vent at the start itself.

9. Pipes

You should arrange your bathroom in a way that no fixtures or no plumbing is seen on exterior walls.

You should bring pipes up through the floor instead of the wall if your bathroom is on the first floor.

These are small things that will help you in the process of bathroom renovation and ensure the quality as well as comfort for the long term.


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