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8 Top Tips of Aspiring Real Estate Agents

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  • 1 - Give yourself time
  • 2 - Be direct
  • 3 - Be available
  • 4 - Treat every deal the same
  • 5- Be a good communicator
  • 6 - Do your homework
  • 7 - Google your name
  • 8 - Never stop learning

Are you dreaming about a successful real estate career?

Well, your dream might be closer to reality than you think!

In order to build a good real estate business, you need to learn from the best and follow some good advice as well as your gut.

Since more than 80% of real estate agents give up in the first five years, here are some of the best tips that will keep you in the business for a long time:

1 – Give yourself time

Your business needs time to lift off the ground, so don’t expect success overnight.

In order to start making money, you need at least a year of trying to build a client list, find listings and start to see real estate business on a regular basis.

With that in mind, make sure you have enough money in the bank to support your lifestyle and back up your business during the first 3-6 months.

Time planning and budgeting will ensure you get a proper fighting chance.

2 – Be direct

Being a real estate agent requires a lot of patience, especially if you’re a newbie working around professionals with 20, 30 years under their belt.

So, you must maintain a positive mindset that will allow you to identify and seize new opportunities.

For instance, don’t hesitate to reach out to established agents and offer to host an open house for them in exchange for direct buyers who attend the event. This will get you started nicely, but you must be direct and open to new techniques when it comes to getting clients.

3 – Be available

Since most buyers are free to view properties on the weekend, expect to have working Saturdays and Sundays.

Being a real estate agent can be profitable as long as you’re available and doing your best.

You only get paid if you make a sale or rent a property, so don’t miss a chance to always be available to anyone who’s interested.

4 – Treat every deal the same

Some deals are worth R1,000,000 and some are worth R10 million, but they should all be the same for you.

Every client and every transaction should be treated with equal care and importance and you can expect a great return on effort.

5- Be a good communicator

Oftentimes, it’s the little things that matter like answering your phone or responding to emails.

Ideally, you want to answer within minutes, but do your best to respond to everyone by the end of your workday. If someone calls, you answer, even if you’re pretty sure it’s the telemarketers.

Every missed call is a missed opportunity to make a sale and every delayed response to an email might be a listing that goes to someone else.

6 – Do your homework

You need to offer good advice and valuable insight to your clients, so make sure to do your homework.

Know all about the city, different neighborhoods, housing trends and markets, schools, public transport, commuting options and finances of selling and buying a home.

You need to be useful to your clients and you can’t do that without studying and research.

7 – Google your name

Your reputation needs to be spotless, so make sure to Google your name and see what’s been published about you and your competition online.

Bad reviews and tasteless social media posts and photos can ruin your business in a matter of seconds.

Even your private posts have to be neutral so as not to put off any political clients that don’t agree with your views.

8 – Never stop learning

If you want to become a good agent, you need to learn constantly and get a formal education.

Most successful agents have a formal education background, so going back to school or taking up real estate classes, is something to consider.

As you grow and get experience, you can even consider keeping more of your commission and opening a brokerage (both of which will be hard to do without education).

Additionally, if you already have both experience and education, but you’re starting your life from scratch in a new country, you can sign up for PTE coaching in order to prove your English ability. This certificate will boost your chances of employment if you’re not a native speaker, so it’s something to consider before you start looking for a real estate job.

If you follow these tips and stay motivated, you’ll certainly reap great benefits and grow your reputation and your business.

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