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7 Tips For Decorating a Beautiful Bedroom

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  • 1 - Go for subtle colors
  • 2 - Don't forget the ceiling
  • 3 - Keep it simple
  • 4 - Get the right size furniture
  • 5 - Storage options
  • 6 - Add a private nook
  • 7 - Luxury linens

Our bedrooms are considered to be important sanctuaries, one where we rest, relax, and recuperate.

It only makes sense that we want to make it as beautiful, comfortable, and peaceful as possible.

Below are some tips on doing just that:

1 – Go for subtle colors

When it comes to choosing bedroom colors, it’s very common for people to choose bold colors. But going for a more subtle and soothing shade can have many benefits to the room.

For one thing, it’ll make the bedroom more relaxing. You will like hanging out and resting in a room with gentle hues of lavender, blue, and green.

Rich jewel tones also help to make the space more cozy and comfortable. Examples of these color hues include toasty browns, topaz, and deep pomegranate. If you have a favorite color that you want to be applied to your room, you can choose instead of the toned-down versions of it for your room.

2 – Don’t forget the ceiling

It’s easy to overlook the fifth wall of the bedroom – the ceiling.

While lying in bed, you’re often greeted with a ceiling that is often bland or uninspired.

So why not make it interesting by painting the ceiling in a soft color or an interesting yet subtle pattern?

You can opt to paint the ceiling a lighter version of the wall color to help visually lower it to create a more intimate and cozy feeling. Another option would be to apply stencil or wallpaper to the ceiling.

If your room has visible beams or molding, you can add decorative paint treatment to make it look more appealing.

3 – Keep it simple

Don’t get carried away when it comes to decorating your bedroom.

Remember, a bedroom should, first and foremost, be cozy and comfortable enough to rest in.

By keeping the room simply, you’re more likely to have an easier time finding relaxation in it. Keeping your room minimal also facilitates ease of movement.

To do this, make sure there is at least one meter between the walls and the bed or any large furniture pieces like dressers and tables. Make sure you furnish your room with things that you need such as a dresser, a chair, and bedside tables.

4 – Get the right size furniture

Make sure the proportions of your room and the furniture pieces inside are harmonious.

Don’t get a queen-sized bed when you have limited space in your room.

Besides, large furniture pieces will only make your room look even more cramped. Avoid choosing heavy pieces for the bed or dresser if your room is small.

5 – Storage options

To make your bedroom more comfortable and relaxing, you should store your personal items out of sight.

This will make your room look organized and appear more roomy and calm.

Choose a bedside table with several drawers and doors to store books, reading glasses, and hand creams. Consider getting roll away beds for guests’ bedrooms for more bed space.

6 – Add a private nook

Give yourself a little treat by creating a quiet spot for you to sit and relax.

A private nook doesn’t have to be too complicated to create.

Even having a comfortable sitting chair beside your bed can serve as your private spot for reading. You can also add a nice footstool for you to rest your legs while you’re sitting down and reading a nice book.

7 – Luxury linens

The best thing you can do to transform your bedroom doesn’t take too much effort and time. It involves investing in good quality linens.

Don’t get sheets that are not 100% cotton, or go for linens with at least a 350 thread count. To ensure your nice linens stay nice, take them to a dry cleaner for washing and pressing.

About the author: Evelyn Paulson is a frequent traveler and informative content writer, who loves to write about home improvement, interior designs, and renovation ideas. She is currently working with Bedding Beyond, which offers ultimate reviews and guides on the top mattress, roll away beds, bed frame, mattress toppers, and more. 

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