8 Tips for Moving Out for the First Time

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  • 1. Find a good place
  • 2. Have a to-do list
  • 3. Have a budget
  • 4. Find a reliable moving company
  • 5. Learn to be independent
  • 6. Budget for possible remodeling
  • 7. Secure a job
  • 8. Build your credit

It is very exciting to finally get to move out and live your life as you wish.

However, moving out for the first time can be hectic and overwhelming.

Remember you will be leaving your comfort zone, will have to buy your own stuff, and you will have to find a way of coping with the added responsibilities of paying rent and doing the dishes all the time.

Thankfully, we will help make moving out as seamless of a process as possible for you.

Read on for 8 tips to follow when moving out for the first time:

1. Find a good place

Don’t move out before considering the location factor:

  • Where will you live?
  • If you will be renting, how are the rates in that neighborhood and are they within your limits?
  • Will you be moving to a new city or will you move a few blocks away from your parents?
  • If you are moving to a new city, is the city safe, accessible, clean, and affordable?
  • If you intend to start a family soon, are there good schools in that zone?

Note that the new location should be accessible from the major transport infrastructure e.g. the airport and the train station, and it should have a good communication network.

Also, the cost of living there, rent included, should not take more than 30% of your disposable income. 

2. Have a to-do list

You’ve been making lists all your life so this should not be complicated.

Take a pen and paper and write down every essential item you need to buy, when you intend to go shopping, and when you will bring them into your new home.

It’s merely a list of what you need and when you will acquire it.

3. Have a budget

Take your time to understand how much money you need for a seamless move-out and whether or not you have the money in the first place.

Calculate your monthly income and subtract all your current expenses. From whatever remains, subtract all the expenses that will stem from your moving out.

Besides the rent, take note of the following (additional) expenses:

Utilities: If you haven’t been paying electricity bills, you will be surprised by how much energy costs can dig into a homeowner’s monthly budget. This is the same with phone subscriptions, water bills, and cable TV. Can your budget accommodate these expenses without hurting your financial future?

Moving expenses: You will be hiring professional moving services which can be pricey especially if you are moving across the country. You will also need a budget for proper packing materials and moving insurance.

Furniture and household items: You will need a new couch if you don’t have one already, the same with kitchen utensils and bedroom furniture. Remember to buy quality and design, for example, RTA wood cabinets for a stylish and modern kitchen.

4. Find a reliable moving company

A good moving company is always adequately insured and licensed by the relevant authorities. Although these companies tend to be more pricey, they are more of the time worth every buck because they guarantee safety for your items.

Some movers will give you unbelievable low moving quotes but then end up damaging most of your items on the way. 

5. Learn to be independent

Before abandoning the ship, ensure that you can handle all household chores without your parents or roommate breathing down your neck.

Learn how to make a bed, iron clothes, sweep, clean the bathroom, dust, vacuum, use a washer/drier, fold clothes, and mop. 

It will be great if you can learn basic cooking- You will need to cook simple meals once in a while. Grocery shopping will also be your sole responsibility too.

6. Budget for possible remodeling 

Your goal should be to have a beautiful and quality new home. Not unless you built the new home from scratch, chances are there are features you will not like.

Bathroom and kitchen remodeling are almost inevitable, not forgetting the living room and bedroom décor.

7. Secure a job

Don’t make a mistake of living off your life savings because they can only last for so long. Only move when you have a regular paycheck. 

8. Build your credit

Having bad credit or no credit at all might come between you and your move out plans.

Be sure to establish credit before you start applying for apartments. 


Moving out for the first time can an emotional rollercoaster.

It is exciting at first and then as the D-day nears, you start to get goosebumps. It is best to find all the help you can get, from professionals, family, and friends.


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