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5 Quick Tips to Make A Statement With Maximalist Decor

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  • 1 - Stick to the same colour family
  • 2 - Start with wallpaper
  • 3 - Try multiple textures
  • 4 - Dive deep into artwork
  • 5 - Give trinkets the main role

Decluttering is something many interior designers recommend but some people just can’t seem to let go of those ‘essentials’ – and that’s okay!

If neutrals, minimal furniture, and soft tones don’t appeal to you, then the minimalist look is something you should avoid.

Maximalist décor is a very tricky style to nail because it can so easily turn into something tacky. Luckily, there are ways in which you project your own personality onto a room without throwing anything out and without making a mess of things.

Here are 5 easy tips to nail the maximalist look:

1 – Stick to the same colour family

Going for an eclectic look takes a lot of planning and it is necessary that you consider colour palettes that belong to the same family.

Before you buy paint and furniture to match, decide which part of the colour spectrum you want to invest in.

Many maximalists love jewel tones like amethyst or sapphire which is the hallmark feature of this design trend.

Moving away from neutrals is what you want to achieve. If you decide to go green, complement this bold colour with cool tones like blue and purple.

2 – Start with wallpaper

Wallpaper is a great way to redesign the look of your home without making any drastic changes to the room itself.

You can simply choose the wallpaper you want and stick it over a wall.

Interior designers suggest that you apply wallpaper in a bold pattern in order to achieve an optimum maximalist look. You can redo the entire room with the same type of wallpaper or you can opt for an accent wall if you want to start small.

If you are not up for the commitment of wallpaper yet, you can use removable wallpaper. It comes off as fast as it goes on.

3 – Try multiple textures

The maximalist look is not only a feast for the eyes; it should also create an experience that is liberating to all the senses.

Multiple textures are great for portraying that unique look you want in your house. You can mix almost anything together in any room of the house.

Wood and metal always go well together, especially if you are considering remodeling the kitchen. Wooden chairs with soft throws, different fabrics, and a faux animal print rug are perfect for the living room.

Remember that layering is a must so don’t be shy to play around with a cosier look.

4 – Dive deep into artwork

If a blank space or empty walls makes your fingers itch, then you should exploit it.

Maximalists hate bare walls so what do they do? Fill it with art, of course!

The first thing you do is take an inventory of the art in your home (this includes all the photographs you have been meaning to hang since 2001) and if necessary get new pieces.

You can shop around for large artwork or consider doing a mural that fills up the entire wall.

5 – Give trinkets the main role

Trinkets do not get nearly as much attention as they should and as a maximalist, you can make them shine.

The goal here is to display them without making the house look messy but still giving them their own role to play in the décor of the room.

Instead of hiding your odds and ends, pick the ones you truly love and put them on display. You can group them together in a single area in full view. A cabinet will work wonders in displaying your china or you can invest in floating shelves that can be installed anywhere you want.

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