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Ways to Beautify Your Yard Using Synthetic Turf

Story Highlights
  • 1 - Install a synthetic turf golf green
  • 2 - Build a dog area
  • 3 - Use synthetic turf walls and dividers for privacy
  • 4 - Make an entertainment area
  • 5 - Construct a playground

Many homeowners have opted for synthetic turf instead of natural grass and, even though it has its benefits, it is not an easy decision for homeowners to make.

The organic charm of natural grass cannot be replaced, but the allure of not having to maintain synthetic grass, is always present.

Synthetic grass comes in different shades and textures, and sometimes it is more practical to install it especially if you live in dry areas where the grass is almost always dead.

If you are considering synthetic grass, here are five ways you can use it in your yard:

1 – Install a synthetic turf golf green

If you have a lot of space to play with, then a mini-golf course is the perfect way to utilise it. Golf greens are easily customizable and are even easier to install.

Find an area that is flat and bump-free, and where it gets just the right amount of sunlight. A local turf company can help excavate, cut, and install holes as soon as you have laid the grass.

Finish it up with stunning landscaping features and you have a hole-in-one backyard at your disposal in no time!

2 – Build a dog area

If you live in a small place and have a dog, then a synthetic grass area is perfect for them to use.

The grass is typically built with short bristles for cleaning and it has a drainage system so if your pup has an accident, it can very easily catch the urine.

Turf doggy mats are versatile and come in different sizes so that they can fit in smaller areas. If you have a bigger outdoor area you can install it over a bigger space so that your beloved friend has an area to themselves. 

3 – Use synthetic turf walls and dividers for privacy

Fences are often an eyesore especially if they start cracking and deteriorating over time. They are, however, crucial for your own privacy and to keep intruders away.

An alternative to the traditional fence is an artificial grass fence or hedge. You retain your privacy but it helps in elevating your backyard landscaping.

If you don’t want to install it permanently, you can buy individual panels that come on rollers. This way you can just roll it out whenever you have a party or a get-together and you want to keep prying eyes away but still maintain the aesthetic.

4 – Make an entertainment area

If you love having people over for braais, then synthetic grass should be an option for you to consider.

You don’t have to worry about cutting the grass before your guests arrive or sand getting between their toes when they arrive – even again!

Have them kick their feet up with a glass of wine and you can enjoy the evening with them without worrying about maintenance. If you are concerned that they might feel uncomfortable, synthetic grass offers support and comfortability.

It is the perfect excuse to redesign your outdoor entertainment area

5 – Construct a playground

Synthetic grass is the perfect type of ground cover if you want to make a playground for your kids. Naturally, safety is your number one concern and synthetic grass has some cushion to it and it is free of chemicals.

Plus, it is a better option than wood or gravel because it has a softer texture and a natural aesthetic feel. You even have the option of installing a shock pad underneath for extra protection. 

Synthetic grass is becoming more and more popular in the homes of modern homeowners because of its durability and versatility.

Before you install synthetic grass, be sure to do enough research and plan out your purpose.

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