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5 Festive Ways to Bring Cheers to Your Clients and Community

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  • Way No.1 - Send a customised card
  • Way No.2 - Personalise a gift
  • Way No.3 - Share neighbourhood decorations online
  • Way No.4 - Sponsor live holiday music
  • Way No.5 - Organise a Christmas dinner

Christmas is a joyous time for everyone, but December can be a slow month for real estate agents.

If you want to start 2021 off with a bang, you need to take advantage of the last month of the year and let your clients know that they are your focus.

If you make the right moves, it could translate into new clients when the new year gets going. You do not have to do anything big; small gestures can mean so much to people.

Here are a few ideas:

Way No.1 – Send a customised card

The best and easiest way to let your clients know that they are important is to send them a personalised card.

Not many people send out Christmas cards anymore because they have become expensive to buy and it is easier to send a message via social media.

A customised card adds a personal touch and you can customise it to suit every client’s personality. It sends the message that you care enough to wish them well during a month where you might not see them.

A good idea would be to add your photo to the front or the inside, so that your face cannot be forgotten.

Way No.2 – Personalise a gift

There are many personalised gifts that you can buy and send your clients to thank them for their business.

Give them something to suit their interests like golf balls with their names on, a bottle of whiskey with a personalized label, or hire a personal chef to cook their family a meal.

The more unique your gift is, the more attention it will attract, and the better your brand looks to other people. People love gifts with their details on because it shows that you take interest in who they are. 

Way No.3 – Share neighbourhood decorations online

Many homes put on amazing displays during the festive season but with the current lockdown restrictions, it is not always possible for people to travel to see their favourite homes.

If you want to show the neighbourhood that you care and that you want to spread extra cheer during this season, put together a slideshow or a video that you can post online.

You can post it to community pages on social media and tag homeowners in them. This will give your clients the chance to experience Christmas virtually and you build a good rapport with the people in the community.

Way No.4 – Sponsor live holiday music

This is a rather easy task to tackle and it is a gesture that will touch people’s hearts.

Hire a live band to perform Christmas music at a local outdoor park that is central to the residential areas.

Homeowners can then listen to holiday music from the comfort of their homes without having to risk their safety or their hygiene.

You can also get carollers to spread some holiday happiness. As you go from house to house, remember to leave your business card in the post box or under the door. 

Way No.5 – Organise a Christmas dinner

Many people will very likely be alone for Christmas due to the traveling restrictions, so why no host a Christmas dinner?

The event can be held outside under cover since we are always lucky to have such amazing weather on Christmas Day.

You can get supermarkets or restaurants to sponsor the food, or you can ask the community for donations. This is an event that a real estate agent can easily sponsor and it will fill the emptiness of having to spend the day alone.

Showing the community and your clients that you care does not have to be expensive or extravagant. It can be simple gestures that make all the difference. 


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