5 Ways to Create a Great Vacation Rental Property

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  • No.1 - De-personalize the space
  • No.2 - Keep it up to date
  • No.3 - Provide comfortable bedrooms
  • No.4 - Make maintenance easier
  • No.5 - Check on your property

Not all vacation rental properties are made equal.

Having a great vacation rental property might not only increase your chance to stand out from the crowd, but to leave your competition behind season after season.

More interesting decors and multiple amenities allow you to command higher rent, but also attract returning customers.

Whether you want to use your rental as a vacation home from time to time or not, check out this article below and keep your property in high demand in the holiday season to come:

No.1 – De-personalize the space

Even if you’re using the property for your own vacations, it doesn’t mean it should become a second home to you.

Make a tour of your vacation rental, space by space, and pick up all the items that neither serve a purpose for your guests, nor add to the decorative value of your home.

Anything too personal, such as family photos, medications, receipts, notebooks, and other similar items need to be stored away so that your guests can imagine your home as their own.

Although your vacation home is going to provide a more unique experience than a hotel room, you still need to maintain a smart and professional interior. 

No.2 – Keep it up to date

When people go on holiday, the last thing they want is to feel they’ve stepped into a time machine.

Unless you’re providing an authentic historical experience in an equally historical property, keep in mind that vacationers want the same level of comfort and amenities they have at home – which translates as well-lit and spacious home that can easily accommodate a group of friends or family.

Furniture should be well-maintenance, clean, and relatively stylish. You don’t have to furnish it as a showroom, but it doesn’t have to look like it was equipped using scrapped and scavenged garage sale pieces.

Check out the tag sales and consignment shops for the furniture that could upgrade your existing rental décor.  

No.3 – Provide comfortable bedrooms

Make sure your guests have plenty of storage space for their clothes and other items essential for vacations.

Fill the closets with hangers and empty the drawers in each bedroom. Every bed should have a nightstand, or at least a bedside lamp for bedtime reading.

While there’s an ongoing battle between advocates of TVs in bedrooms and those who oppose it, modern vacation rentals often include them, especially in the master bedroom.

If you don’t have air-conditioning, at least have a ceiling fan installed in every bedroom.

This is especially important in regions with long hot summers, such as the Australian coast. If you’re tight with schedule, don’t panic – this reputable electrician in Northern Beaches will call you back with upfront pricing, whether you need new fans installed or have pool lights that need to be replaced.

No.4 – Make maintenance easier

Since hopefully, you’ll be hosting many rounds of guests, you should choose fixtures and furniture with materials and colours that are easy to maintain.

Having slipcovers on couches and armchairs simplify the washing process, while white fabric can be safely bleached to remove even the toughest stains. For your leather pieces, use Scotchguard or a similar product to protect them from spills and stains.

For the bedrooms, pick white sheets and mattress covers, as bedding is certainly going to see the most washing bleaching. Between guest stays, use furniture protectors against sunlight and dust, especially for your patio furniture

No.5 – Check on your property

At the end of each vacation season, don’t forget to invest some of that rent money in property maintenance and repairs. Make regular visits and look for signs of damage and potential hazards.

While accidents can happen all the time, you want two things – that no one is hurt, and that you complete all the repairs before the next round of guests moves in.

Look for loose or cracked shingles, torn siding, unsafe branches, but also traces of water damage, mould, termites, and other pests. Make sure the lawn is trimmed regularly so the guests can use the outside area for seating and dining.

If you have a winter vacation home, make sure that the furnaces and working and that heat is distributed evenly at the beginning of each season.

Although location is king when it comes to rental homes, there’s something else that makes the difference between the rental homes which are rarely vacant and those which are always available.

Use these tips to transform your average vacation home into a resort-like villa, that vacationers can’t wait to see for real.  

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