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6 Ways to Discover Your Home Decorating Style

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  • #1 - Check Your Closet
  • #2 - Find Inspiration in Your House
  • #3 - Browse Around for Ideas
  • #4 - Realize What You Don’t Like
  • #5 - Think About Your Favorite Vacation
  • #6 - Take an Online Quiz

Your home is your most personal space, and it should be a reflection of you. When it comes to decorating, though, there are hundreds of choices.

How can you narrow down your favorite paint colors, area rugs, art for the walls, furniture, doors, and window treatments? The secret is to find your style.

Here’s how you can discover what works for you:

#1 – Check Your Closet

Before you go searching for home decorating ideas in faraway places, start nearby — in your bedroom closet.

Notice the clothing colors you tend to buy. Are they bright and cheerful, or earthy and neutral?

The color palette you choose for your wardrobe is likely the same scheme you will enjoy around your home.

Do you like natural fabrics? Think of wool blankets and cotton slipcovers in the living room.

Is your wardrobe minimal? You might prefer a sleek, modern look with industrial fixtures and decorative glass pantry doors.

Do you wear tailored clothing? Timeless fabrics and colors may suit you best. Are colorful prints your style? Try bold accessories.

#2 – Find Inspiration in Your House

Take a walk through each room in your home and pick out the pieces that draw your attention right away. Gather a few favorite items and arrange them together in a corner.

What connects them? Perhaps they have a similar color scheme or the textures work well together.

Whatever the common thread between the items, your curated collection can give you an idea of what your tastes are.

#3 – Browse Around for Ideas

Once you’ve looked through the house for inspiration, it’s time to search beyond your walls. Decorating ideas are everywhere.

Start by browsing online; Pinterest is full of home interior photos, furniture, and products in every size, shape, and color. Create a board filled with your favorite paint, accessories, furniture, and window treatments to get an idea of what looks good together.

Finding your style doesn’t have to happen only online, though.

Pick up some home decorating magazines at the store, or visit the library (yes, those still exist) and check out books on room design. You can create a mood board by cutting out or copying your favorite pages and putting them together on poster paper.

As your idea boards evolve, don’t be afraid to change or eliminate pieces that no longer fit in.

#4 – Realize What You Don’t Like

Just as important as knowing what you like, realizing what doesn’t work for you will help you decide what style you want in your home.

As you walk through a store or leaf through a magazine, what items do you think you’d avoid buying for your home? Ask yourself why.

Knowing why you want to avoid certain textures, colors or patterns will help you understand what direction to take when you begin shopping. These steps will help you streamline your decorating process and avoid costly mistakes.

#5 – Think About Your Favorite Vacation

Reminiscing about your favorite places to travel is fun, and it can also give you decorating ideas.

You don’t have to choose a place you’ve actually been; a location you’d love to visit can influence your style, too.

If a beach vacation comes to mind right away, maybe you would enjoy weathered wood, translucent window treatments, and a soft, aqua color palette.

A cabin in the woods might inspire you to shop for buffalo plaid, faux bearskin rugs, and natural wood cabinets. If the view from a Las Vegas hotel excites you, think of silver chandeliers, rich colors, and flashy accessories.

#6 – Take an Online Quiz

A quick search online will bring up a whole collection of quizzes that offer to help you find your style.

Some are silly and fun and some are more serious, but many of them have the potential to help you find what you like. Some quizzes may even give you ideas you haven’t thought of yet.

Finding your home decorating style can be fun. As you learn more about your personal taste, you will be able to surround yourself with colors and pieces that make you happy.


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