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5 Ways to Improve Your Home Office Setup

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  • 1 - Lean into an ergonomic setup
  • 2 - Upgrade to new technology
  • 3 - Improve your lighting
  • 4 - Add extra cabinets and customise your storage space
  • 5 - Bring in the décor

Many homeowners are part of careers where they can work from home and since the COVID-19 pandemic started, more and more people are choosing this option. This means that modern homeowners look for a home with an extra room where a home office can be set up.

It is one of the most popular trends and it highlights the importance of having an area in the house where homeowners can work and switch off after hours. The last thing you want to do is see work documents lying around when you are trying to relax.

Here are five ways you can improve your home office setup:

1 – Lean into an ergonomic setup

The idea of a home office is to work in comfort but in reality, home offices aren’t always designed that way.

Home offices tend to contain chairs, desks, and other equipment that can turn into a very uncomfortable situation if you have to work there for eight hours a day.

Consider spending a little bit extra and buy an ergonomic and supportive chair. You can also add specific keyboards and laptop risers to ensure that you are level with your computer. Small upgrades like these will ensure that you have a more comfortable day whilst working. 

2 – Upgrade to new technology

Home offices are often neglected when it comes to equipment. You might be working on an old laptop that you bought when you started varsity and your speakers might be older than your children.

New technology is a must for a home office especially if you are on video calls for most of the day.

Investing in quality speakers, additional monitors, and a faster internet line will help you face the day and your tasks more efficiently. The last thing you want is for your co-workers to hear strange noises and echoes coming from your second-hand microphone when you are trying to work on a new strategy. 

3 – Improve your lighting

The wrong lighting can turn any room into an uncomfortable area and it is even more so if you have bad lighting in your home office.

You strain your eyes easier with bad lighting because it decreases your visibility.

If you don’t have a lot of natural light filtering through your home office, you can consider installing a desk lamp. It is recommended that you install LED lamps because studies have shown that higher colour temperatures directly impact learning and efficiency. 

4 – Add extra cabinets and customise your storage space

Most careers need you to keep records of your work and this can become difficult if you are working from home.

Customise your storage space by sourcing cabinets that can comfortably fit in your space and that can keep your records whilst you are working from home.

Mobile storage space is very easy to customise and you can design them in such a way that it keeps your office looking neat and tidy. No one can work in chaos, no matter how organised you claim it to be. 

5 – Bring in the décor

A boring workspace has never done anyone any good. How are you supposed to concentrate if the only thing you have on your desk is the mug you got for Christmas?

Create an area where your creative energies can flow. You can easily add a rug to make the space a bit homier. Curtains and blinds are great for privacy but they also serve as stylish décor if you match them to your colour scheme. Artwork will brighten the place up in no time and you can add plants to complement the art hanging from the walls. 

Just because you are working from home does not mean that you can skimp on the space. Create an office space that looks good and makes you feel good.

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