5 Great Ways to Stage Your Home When Selling

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  • 1 - Clean It
  • 2 - Lighten It
  • 3 - Have Furniture
  • 4 - Categorise Rooms
  • 5 - Declutter It

When it comes to selling your home, you want to make sure you are receiving the highest value on it.

There are several factors that can go into someone looking and making an offer on your home.

Some things are out of your control, like tax rates and market pricing. However, if you make your house look like the best thing that’s out there though, you may not have to worry about those things as much.

Here are five ways you can stage your house to help it sell a little faster:

1 – Clean It 

Taking the time to clean the house from floor-to-ceiling is important. When a prospective buyer walks in, many times they will only consider paying top bucks if it’s move-in ready.

If rooms are dirty and look like they may have issues, that can be a problem.

Walls and carpets are major things to clean. They can be one of the easiest things to get dirty, so they need to be shown in outstanding condition.

2 – Lighten It 

When you are staging your home for both pictures and appointments, try to make sure there is plenty of light. Natural light is the best thing for you and will give pictures a better look.

This could mean that you need to pull shades up and curtains back in a room to help show off its beauty. If your home doesn’t have many windows, consider adding extra light fixtures throughout the rooms.

Make sure the bulbs are bright and not dark or dim. This can be a negative effect on how the house looks.

3 – Have Furniture 

A great way to make a house look great is to have nice furniture in it. You can find many of the things you would need at a furniture store.

You can go from room-to-room and make it look as desirable as you want. Keep in mind that you should have a budget for creating this look. Sometimes you may not need to go all out if homes are selling quickly.

There’s always the chance that if you make the rooms look good though, more people will want the house and cause the sale to turn into a bidding war.

Potential buyers like to see themselves in the home before they buy it, so good decorations and furnishings can make that decision even easier for them.

4 – Categorise Rooms 

It’s a good idea to stay specific when staging your home. Think about the rooms and the amount of space in the home.

What will the most important spaces for a buyer be when they come in and look at the house?

Many times, people want to have a nice living room, kitchen, and bathroom. These are very important to stage well because they are the areas that people want to look the best. Places like bedrooms and laundry rooms can be redone easily and are usually not as important with a buyer. They can change the paint or carpet to transform one of those rooms easily.

Major rooms are often harder to do makeovers on, so buyers want them to be perfect already.

5 – Declutter It 

It’s important that you try and declutter your home as much as possible before showing it.

You want the home to look large and spacious. If your home has an open concept layout, you already have free space going in your favor. Move around your furniture to allow for easier access to important areas so buyers see how much space they have.

Making sure you get the most out of the square meterage of your home is even more important when your house is small. Sometimes you will find that less is more when it comes to the furniture in a room.

When a room is simple and has neutral colors in it, buyers are able to visualize how they would have it a little bit easier than if it was filled with stuff.

A lot of things go into selling your home. Staging your house could help you sell it a little bit faster than you might have thought possible.

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