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5 Simple Ways to Update Your Kitchen Cabinets

The cabinets of a kitchen must be one of the most prominent features and by renovating them, you could easily be on your way to a whole new look altogether.

If you are keen for a change but your budget doesn’t allow it, then you can simply give your cabinets a facelift.

There are many different ways in which you can lend a fresh look to your cabinets and the best thing is that you can do it in a weekend all on your own.

Here are 5 ways to update your kitchen counters:

No.1 – Put on some paint

Paint is the trustworthy solution to almost every DIY home improvement project and it works great if you are on the fence about redecorating.

A change in colour can make a huge difference to your kitchen and the effort is minimal if you compare it to the result (although removing the cabinet doors might be a bit tedious).

Get out the sandpaper, pick some paint swatches, and wash the old paintbrush gathering dust in your tool shed, and you are already half way towards your kitchen looking brand new again.

No.2 – Add knobs or hardware

If your cabinets lack hardware, handles, or knobs, you should consider adding them.

Even though they are small accent pieces, they really contribute to the overall style and effect of the kitchen. It also makes getting things out of your cabinets easier than before. You can pick up handles and knobs for cheap at hardware stores or thrift shops – even flea markets might sell you some cool bespoke designs.

Take the precise measurements, spend some quality time with the drill, and presto! You have a brand new look.

No.3 – Remove the doors

If you are ready for a serious change, you can consider removing the cabinet doors completely. It is the easiest change that you can do and it doesn’t require adding or buying anything at all.

Simply removing the doors will give the kitchen an open look, but it has to be said that this look will require a lot more maintenance than you’d think.

Everything will be on display all the time, so you need to ensure that the contents are in the correct order and that it is neat and tidy.

No more throwing the peanut butter in the cabinet and hoping it will land upright.

No.4 – Get out the chalkboard paint

Chalkboard paint is often used in children’s rooms where they are then free to scribble on the walls without dire consequences, but why limit its use?

Painting your cabinets with chalkboard paint is a great way to personalize your kitchen.

You can use the upper cabinets for things such as to-do and grocery lists, and the kids can go crazy on lower cabinets, whilst accompanying you when you are cooking.

It is also a great way to family and friends to show off their artistic side when they are invited over for a visit. Somehow people are drawn to a chalkboard.

No.5 – Wallpaper interior

We are so used to wallpaper being stuck on our walls that we forget it actually has other uses as well.

If you are tired of the wallpaper on your walls and want to give those a facelift as well, don’t throw it out. Rather line the insides of your cabinets with it.

The application process might be a bit tricky considering the fact that the space is very small, but as soon as you have it done, you will smile every time you open your kitchen cupboards.

The peekaboo effect is growing ever so popular with modern trends again.


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