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Simple Ways to Turn a House Into a Home

Story Highlights
  • 1. Create an inviting entryway
  • 2. Make a few upgrades to your home
  • 3. Use cosy rugs around the house
  • 4. Dress up the walls with artwork
  • 5. Keep the clutter to a minimum

When you buy a house it is often difficult to think of it as your home.

If you think about it, the house belonged to other people only a few months before you moved in!

It is natural to feel this way, but you should not feel like a visitor in your own house for too long. As soon as you have settled in, you must start thinking of ways to make the space your own. There are many ways to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home.

Here are 5 simple ways you can do it:

1. Create an inviting entryway

As soon as you enter the house, it should already be inviting.

Your entryway is the first point of contact for you and your guests so be sure to add your own touch to this area.

Keep it clear of leaves and debris and accessorize it with a welcome mat. A few potted plants will add to the décor of the area and you can choose a warm colour palette to match the atmosphere you are trying to create. You might even paint the door a different colour, too!

2. Make a few upgrades to your home

You will be surprised to see how small upgrades can make a huge difference.

Bathrooms and kitchens are high-traffic areas, so when you choose the upgrades, these rooms should be your number one priority.

Installing new appliances will give the room an instant facelift, but if your budget does not allow for big upgrades like this, you can start by replacing things like the light fixtures and the drawer handles. You can also replace the old showerhead or the taps in your bathroom for a more modern look. 

3. Use cosy rugs around the house

Bare floors often give off a clinical atmosphere, which can leave you with a cold feeling when you enter a room.

The perfect way to add cosiness and warmth to your home is by adding a few rugs.

When you choose the rugs, make sure that you have measured it properly so that it fits with the room you want to put it in. The furniture should either be completely on the rug or at least touching a portion of the rug.

Remember to also choose a rug design that fits with the colour scheme of the room. 

4. Dress up the walls with artwork

You can never go wrong with artwork and it is the best solution for empty walls.

Display your favourite pieces of art for that extra finish touch in your home. You can choose to display expensive artworks that you have sourced over the years or inexpensive options you buy at a shop.

Artwork suits everyone’s budget. When selecting the artwork, keep the room’s function, décor, and style in mind. You don’t want the art to clash with the items you already have in the room. After that, you have the freedom to choose whatever artworks you want. 

5. Keep the clutter to a minimum

It can be very easy for you to lose yourself in your own home amongst your own things.

Clutter is the worst thing you can do for your house, so it is always a good idea to avoid it.

Living in a clean, clutter-free area will allow you to relax and enjoy the tranquillity of your home. Messy areas, junk drawers, and too-full storage areas can stress you out so make sure to declutter every once in a while. Look through the items to see what you haven’t used in a while and throw it out if it doesn’t serve a purpose. 

You shouldn’t be a stranger in your own house. Make sure to follow these easy steps to turn it into a home!

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