Why I Love Real Estate (And You Should, Too!)

In life, we are all faced with a series of opportunities. Most of which I have seized; few of which were regrettable, but none of which were as exciting as my current real estate career. I admit it: I love real estate!

Being a real estate agent truly is a way of life and something no other job can even come close to. The WHY is the easy part. Here are just 14 reasons to give you an idea:

(1)      How many people can say they wake up unemployed every morning? That’s pretty much what happens when you’re an independent real estate agent. Decide to remain in bed? No problem! Just don’t be surprised there won’t be any (commission) income either! The upside of this agenda flexibility is the time I can now make to spend it with my friends and loved ones.

(2)     I never thought I’d say it but I love real estate agents. Don’t take me wrong, there are a lot of agents whose business cards are not worth the paper it’s written on but in the end, their (in)actions make me look great!

(3)     I’m proud of the work that I do: professionally assisting buyers in getting their life’s most valuable asset. You have a huge impact on people’s lives but at times, definitely not the easiest responsibility!

(4)     I guess in a way, real estate agents are like police officers. We get to know the intricate details of the people behind the plain house numbers and let me tell you: you do see and hear a few things you wish you could un-see and un-hear! Now I think of it, my wife never used to ask me how my day went but ever since I became a real estate agent, she’s loving my personal version of Days of Our Lives!

(5)      Besides other people’s (mis)fortunes, you’re facing quite a few challenges yourself. You cannot imagine some of the situations a real estate agent gets himself into when writing or presenting an offer to purchase! Or showing potential buyers a property under difficult circumstances

(6)     Whereas friends might tell me at times that they worry about how the economic conditions might result in a downsize, outsource or straight loss of job, as a real estate agent, there’s no such fear!

(7)      There’s no discrimination. Regardless of one’s educational background or previous career experience, anyone can become a real estate agent. Whether you’ll survive being an agent longer than a few months is a different matter.

(8)     If I thought I knew a thing or two about budgeting, I’ve quickly learnt how to properly plan my finances. The months of (s)low commission income definitely get compensated by a few weeks worth of commissions in the amount of an average person’s year salary!

(9)     The marketing aspect of the job remains a very entertaining one. Were it not for the many funny marketing errors one sees on a daily basis, things might get a bit more serious, that’s for sure!

(10)   Good economy? Bad economy? I like to think as a real estate agent that I’m making my own economy! My business is either good or bad right between my own two ears. Some of my best sales months are in economic down periods!

(11)    It was the late Zig Ziglar who said that, “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” The quicker you realize that as a real estate agent, the more successful your career path will be. I love real estate for the mere fact that there’s no limit what you can earn in this job once you set your mind to it!

(12)   I’m enjoying the job diversity this career brings! Being a real estate agent is one big combination of being a photographer, journalist, attorney, psychologist, interior designer, housekeeper, personal secretary, babysitter, security guard, roof repairman etc to name but a few of the jobs you will perform!

(13)   Having entered the real estate industry at a time when social media became very important, I’m really blessed to have met so many new real estate (online) colleagues and friends, as well as learnt so much via Real Estate Communities.

(14)   Quite recently, I changed real estate companies and I’m proud to be part of a small team of real estate professionals, doing what they love: selling properties in Johannesburg!

Do you think it would be as easy for you to get as excited about your job as I am about mine?

I can honestly say: I love real estate! Could you?

About the author: The above article “Why I Love Real Estate (And You Should, Too!) was written by Xavier De Buck, your top-producing Johannesburg real estate agent. Xavier has been nationally recognized and awarded for providing service excellence, exceptional property sales, whilst exhibiting the highest level of professionalism. With over 15 years combined experience as a real estate agent and real estate investor, if you’re thinking of buying or selling a home in Johannesburg, Xavier would love to share his property knowledge and expertise.

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