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Should You Be Worried About Wooden Windows?

Story Highlights
  • #1 – Myth: Wooden windows cannot be double glazed
  • #2 – Myth: Wooden windows are quick to rot
  • #3 – Myth: Wooden windows are expensive
  • #4 – Myth: Wood requires intensive maintenance
  • #5 - Myth: Wooden windows are not eco-friendly

Wooden windows are usually the first things that homeowners try to replace because of all the myths surrounding them.

There are a lot of opinions floating around that simply aren’t true.

There are many materials to choose from when installing a window but, according to experts, wood remains an excellent choice.

It is an amazing option for an eco-friendly house and it isn’t as expensive as other materials. Its timeless design also lends a touch of class to the house as a whole.

Here are 5 debunked myths about wooden windows. 

#1 – Myth: Wooden windows cannot be double glazed

Many people think that wooden windows cannot be double glazed but this isn’t the truth.

Several suppliers offer double glazing as an option whilst ensuring that your home is kept warm during the winter.

Any professional designer will make sure that the windows have been tested for things like deflection, structural strength, water resistance, air-tightness, and energy efficiency.

Designers also ensure that they are certified and compliant with all the necessary building codes. You can have practical windows without giving up a luxurious design.

#2 – Myth: Wooden windows are quick to rot

Rot is probably a homeowner’s biggest fear when it comes to wood. However, if you maintain and take care of the wood regularly, the rot should be kept at bay.

The lifespan of wood depends on its sealant and its annual maintenance. Well-maintained wooden windows can last for up to 60 years.

When wood is properly taken care of, it keeps out weather elements such as rain and wind, and it prevents damage to the structure as a whole. If you are planning on selling, well-maintained windows can be a good selling point

#3 – Myth: Wooden windows are expensive

Because wooden windows last for up to 60 years and longer, it works out cheaper than windows made of other material.

They can be easily repaired, sealed, and repainted which means that homeowners save a lot over the years.

Wood is also a great insulator which makes a property all the more appealing. It adds that extra bit of value to a property due to its sophisticated look which means that it is an excellent investment to make. 

#4 – Myth: Wood requires intensive maintenance

As with everything, you need to take care of wood if you want it to last.

Luckily, the maintenance isn’t that extensive or intensive as one might think. Water-based sealants make for easy sealing and eliminate sanding completely. All you do is wash the frame with soap, rinse it with water, and apply the sealant. It absorbs very quickly and dries within no time.

Good quality water-based sealants also protect the windows against rot so that the windows are always in great condition.

Some are even UV-resistant which means that the sun won’t crack or dry out the wood as much. 

#5 – Myth: Wooden windows are not eco-friendly

Contrary to popular belief, wooden windows are extremely eco-friendly and energy-efficient.

Wood has a very low thermal conductivity. This means that it acts as a natural insulator and keeps the warmth where it is needed the most: inside the house.

It is also carbon neutral and a renewable energy resource if it is sourced from sustainably managed woods.

These myths are often unfounded and stem from uninformed sources. You don’t need to replace wooden frames as soon as you move into a house. Rather learn how to maintain it and let its natural beauty enhance your home even more.   

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