Yes, You Can Sell A Home On A Busy Road!

Neighbourhoods can change dramatically over time, and the suburban street that was so quiet when you bought your home may now be much busier – and noisier – but that doesn’t mean that no-one will buy the property.

“In fact,” says Richard Gray, CEO of Harcourts Real Estate, “there are buyers who may even consider the busy road an advantage, depending on what they intend to do with the property. To some it may spell more visibility for a home-based business or professional practice, for example.

“And there are others who may not even be concerned about the busy road as long as the property is close to shops, schools, public transport and sports venues. There are many young buyers these days who see some traffic noise as a fair trade-off for easy access to the facilities they need.

However, he says, even if you don’t come across such buyers, there are several ways to make your home more appealing and ensure a sale. “From a noise perspective, a concrete or brick wall between your home and the road is more effective than a palisade fence, and you may want to consider putting one up.”

Gray says other possibilities include creating an entertainment or relaxation area in the part of your garden that is furthest from the road, and installing double-glazing along the face of the house closest to the road.

“But before you go to the expense of doing any of these things, you must know that in all home sales, the factor that has the most pulling power for buyers is the price, so you need to sit down with your agent and set a realistic price in the context of other recent sales in your area, and along the same road.”

He notes that a properly trained and professional agent will not try to suggest that you “test the market” at an unrealistic price level, or conceal from you the fact that your home might sell for less than other properties in the area that are similar but located on quieter streets.

“On the other hand, though, an experienced agent will know how to market your home most effectively by maximising its good features and targeting the most likely buyers. A careful choice of agent is thus the real key to selling a home on a busy road.”

This article “Yes, You Can Sell A Home On A Busy Road!” was issued by Harcourts Real Estate.

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