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5 Important Things to Consider When Building a New Home

So, you’ve decided to take that grand step in life that many people only dream about and build yourself the home of your dreams.

Congratulations, the book of life has turned a new and exciting chapter for you! 

And, while there are bound to be some kinks down the road, there’s nothing you won’t be able to overcome with a bit of planning, preparation, and persistence!

That said, building a home really is an exciting project, but it’s not without its risks and possible issues, as there’s no telling what could go wrong during any of its crucial phases.

This is why you want to have an essential checklist at hand in order to plan for the unexpected, so here are the primary things to consider when building a new home:

#1 – Gather your A-team

Gather Your A-Team
Gather Your A-Team

The people you surround yourself with during the planning phase will ultimately decide the fate of your project.

Quite literally, your contractor can make or break your new home.

That’s why your first order of business is to research prominent builders in your area, gather their quotes, and get acquainted with their professional mindset, and their work. Remember that you not only need someone who understands your desires but also someone who can truly connect with you on a deeper level.

The same can be said for the interior and exterior designers, two (or one) crucial people who will help your rough ideas and concepts flourish into beautiful works of art you will soon get to call your home.

And, let’s not forget to hire the services of a financial advisor in order to create a viable financial plan for the project, and a lawyer who will make sure you have every permit you need to get the project underway.

#2 – Design the perfect floor plan

Put the bedroom above the garage? Heck no.

Build a beautiful kitchen overlooking the backyard? Only if you plan to put the garage next to it with an adjacent point of entry.

As you can tell, the positioning of every room in your new home will greatly shape your living environment and influence your daily habits, comfort, and ultimately, your level of happiness.

This is why you need to work with your interior designer and your contractor in creating the perfect floor plan for your needs and aspirations, one that will emphasise spaciousness, manoeuvrability, and connectivity. That way, you will not only create an aesthetic living environment but a functional one as well.

And where there is functionality, there is joy. Keep that in mind!

#3 – Consider all possible expenses

You might think that you have it all figured out financially and that you have successfully planned for every possible expense you might encounter during the planning, construction, and completion phase.

Well, chances are you actually neglected something, as building a home is not only a complex and unpredictable process, but there’s also no way of knowing where the next financial bump in the road may lie.

So, not only do you want to research all possible costs associated with building your home but you also want to set up an emergency fund should something go awry. And something just might.

Don’t forget to plan for soil testing, various add-ons and modifications, and possible legal fees in order to meet every challenge with a sound battle plan.

#4 – Plan for large storage space

Plan for Storage Space
Plan for Storage Space

Storage space. There’s never enough of it.

No matter the size of your new home, there never seems to be enough storage space around, and ultimately a poor chair somewhere in the house is bound to serve the rest of its days as an impromptu closet!

However, there is a way to avoid this problem – just work your storage space into the initial design, don’t fall into the trap of having to build new units when everything is finished!

Be sure to always devote at least 10% more space to storage than you think you’ll need. Because you will need it.

#5 – Let plenty of sunshine in

Let Plenty of Sunshine in
Let Plenty of Sunshine in

Finally, there is nothing that speaks peace, positivity, and happiness like a well-lit home basking in healthful sunny rays all day long. What’s more, any interior design approach you go for will come alive and look way better when bathed in sunny hues, so it’s kind of a win-win.

To let natural light permeate the household all day long, you want to grant it access into your home by raising tall ceilings, designing grand window schemes, and introducing a few strategic skylights to boot.

Remember, nobody likes living in a poorly-lit setting (except Count Dracula perhaps) and it could end up taking a drastic toll on your psychological, emotional, and physical well-being.

Building the home of your dreams is definitely no walk in the park, as it requires thorough planning and preparation, meticulous execution, and plenty of composure and patience. In the end, however, everything is bound to pan out just as it should if you take these essential considerations to heart.

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Important Things to Consider When Building a New Home
Important Things to Consider When Building a New Home

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