Design & Decor
    2 days ago

    Ways to Make Your Rooftop Go from Drab to Fab

    Rooftop spaces are becoming more and more popular amongst homeowners. It is especially popular amongst people living in cities where it isn’t easy to create gardens. The rooftop makes for…
    4 days ago

    5 Property Goals that will Help You in the Future

    Every homeowner should have a set of property goals that they can work toward as soon as they buy a house. Even though it’s been a tumultuous year so far,…
    7 days ago

    Things Landlords Should Check with their Tenants

    Landlords often complain about late rent payments, reduced payments, and non-payments. With the current economic climate, it doesn’t seem as if it is getting any better. There is a lot…
    1 week ago

    5 Ways Your Real Estate Agent Could Be Sabotaging Your Home Sale

    Your real estate agent claims that they have been showing your house day and night, meanwhile, they’ve been lounging around the pool with one of your leftover cocktails in their…
    2 weeks ago

    Tips to Find Properties at Bank-Mandated Sales

    Bank-mandated sales are a great place for buyers to find property bargains. It is the perfect opportunity to grow your investment portfolio. Property that is sold by the banks are…
    2 weeks ago

    5 Things You Should Remember When House-Hunting

    House-hunting is very exciting but people often approach it with the wrong mindset. Naturally, buyers have a specific picture in their heads when it comes to their ideal home. It…
    2 weeks ago

    Common Household Things You Should Never Store in the Garage

    If your garage has turned into a makeshift storage unit, you are not alone.  There are many people who use the extra space around the car to pile everything they…
    3 weeks ago

    5 Tips for Preparing Your Home for Real Estate Photos

    Real estate photos are a great way to put your house on display and highlight all its amazing features. However, the photographer can only do so much to make your…
    Home Improvement
    3 weeks ago

    Main Reasons to Hire a Home Cleaning Service

    Most homeowners know how to clean their homes. It’s just a bit of dusting, vacuuming, and polishing, right? Sure, this will create the illusion that your home is clean on…
    Home Improvement
    3 weeks ago

    Top Things to Know About Interior Painting

    Painting the interior of any home is a great challenge, especially if you have some great designs in mind and fascinating ideas. But most of the time it all comes…
      Green Living
      September 23, 2021

      5 Easy Ways to Create a Zero-Waste Household

      The goal of creating a zero-waste household is to live a more sustainable life and to enforce eco-friendly behaviours. It…
      Green Living
      July 28, 2021

      5 Ways to Turn Your House into a Green Home

      A green home is a house that is geared towards energy efficiency and energy saving. It is a trend that…
      Green Living
      July 13, 2021

      What to Know Before Investing in a Greywater System

      Greywater systems are becoming more and more popular amongst homeowners because it is a way to implement eco-friendlier means of…
      Green Living
      February 25, 2021

      Top 4 Benefits of Having Solar Panels on Your Roof

      As the world progresses, so do the ways we power our homes and get the energy we need. Time passing…
      Green Living
      February 1, 2021

      Basic Things to Consider Before Going Off the Grid

      More and more homeowners are trying to live off the grid in order not to be dependent anymore on the…
      October 23, 2020

      4 Tips to Improve the Air Quality of Your Home

      We should take the air we breathe at home seriously. In the streets, we don’t have a choice, but when…
      Green Living
      October 20, 2020

      5 Simple Ways to Make Your Home Greener

      Green living or eco-friendly homes are getting quite popular these days. Perhaps because more and more people are starting to…
      Green Living
      June 23, 2020

      4 Main Advantages of Green Living

      Everywhere in the world, people are getting motivated to go green; there are green products everywhere on the market.But, before…
      Home Improvement
      June 12, 2020

      9 Outdoor Renovation Projects to Save the Planet

      Once the weather starts to warm up again, you may find yourself thinking about outdoor projects to take on so…
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