Design & Decor
    20 hours ago

    4 Ideas for Designing a Family-Friendly Outdoor Space

    The backyard is your very own piece of nature. It can be a space to come together as a family, unwind after a long day and can mean hours of…
    Home Improvement
    2 days ago

    How to Choose an Extension Cord for Your New House?

    Almost every household has extension cords. You know – you need those puppies when you don’t have a socket at a place where you need it. (also known as extension…
    3 days ago

    8 Benefits of a Pest Inspection When Buying or Selling a Home

    Imagine moving into a home you’ve just purchased only to find there are unwanted guests setting up residence right along with you. That’s what can happen if there are pests…
    Real Estate Professionals
    4 days ago

    How the South African Real Estate Industry Can Benefit From Drones

    Drones are quickly gaining popularity in Africa, with both governments and private individuals coming up with all sorts of ways to make use of them. In countries (like South Africa) where…
    4 days ago

    Renting? 5 Simple Things That Can Ruin Your Credit Score!

    It doesn’t matter where in the world you rent – Cape Town, Los Angeles, Paris – your credit score is going to be important.It is a fact of life that…
    Design & Decor
    5 days ago

    8 Essential Things You Need To ‘Om’ Your Home

    Our home is the only piece of this earth that we can say it belongs to us. It is our stress-free zone, our oasis, our getaway when we need to…
    Design & Decor
    6 days ago

    6 Loving Tricks to Foster a Peaceful Home Environment

    Even though your house is a place where you’re spending your relaxation time, where you play around with your family, and watch TV, some of the stress and anger you…
    Home Improvement
    7 days ago

    Why Hiring Expert Asphalt Contractors is Beneficial for Your House in the Long Term

    Roads nearby your house always define your standards. It is always like an invitation to visitors if roads are properly maintained. In order to professionally construct or maintain a smooth…
    Design & Decor
    1 week ago

    Simple Home Improvement Ideas That Will Make Your Guests Instantly Jealous

    There are so many things that you’ll love about your new house once you’ve bought it.And when the initial awe wears off, and you need changes, you need to think…
    Home Improvement
    1 week ago

    4 Things You Can Fix By Yourself at Home

    Even if you’re renting, it’s in your best interest to keep your (temporary) home in as good of a condition as possible. Of course, you can call up the landlord…
      Green Living
      2 weeks ago

      How to Make Your Home Climate-Change Ready

      The idea of future-proofing your home for a time of extremes can seem frightening. It doesn’t have to be. Regardless…
      Green Living
      3 weeks ago

      3 Time-Saving Green Living Hacks For Busy People

      Global data collected by Oxford University has shown that South Africans log the most hours at work in the world. While this…
      Green Living
      3 weeks ago

      What to Know If You Are a Novice Gardener

      If you are looking into gardening as a new hobby or interest, it is important to educate yourself on some…
      Green Living
      4 weeks ago

      7 Best Indoor Plants For Your Home

      Humans evolved in nature and so it is in our genes to crave a touch of naturality in our daily…
      Green Living
      December 25, 2019

      5 Water-Conserving Tips for Your Garden

      Gardening is a pursuit in which the use of large amounts of water is called for. If soil is the…
      Green Living
      November 15, 2019

      5 Health Aspects of Green Buildings

      Our lifestyle has significantly changed in the last couple of decades. The rise of technology and various other factors that…
      Green Living
      November 11, 2019

      5 Ways a Water Tank Can Improve Your Lifestyle

      The previous few years have shown that Mother Nature truly is more awesome than we could ever imagine and that…
      Green Living
      October 6, 2019

      Top 4 Benefits of Having Solar Panels on Your Roof

      As the world progresses, so do the ways we power our homes and get the energy we need. Time passing…
      Green Living
      July 6, 2019

      How to Prevent Garden Pests from Ruining Your Garden

      The dream of every gardener is to have a beautiful and healthy garden. However, sometimes bugs and pests can infest…
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