Home Improvement
    22 hours ago

    Preparing Your Floor with Concrete Floor Grinding

    Concrete floor grinding is one of the most impressive ways to get a beautifully polished floor surface. The process gives quality sheen to the floor, and keeps it protected from…
    Home Improvement
    3 days ago

    Save Money with Regular Exterior Maintenance of Your New Home

    The South African government has recently increased first-time home buyers’ subsidies, making it a great time to get a foot on the property ladder. After the initial excitement of moving into…
    Design & Decor
    4 days ago

    7 Ways to Incorporate the Pantone Color of 2019 to Your Home Decor

    Tell us we’re not the only ones itching to change things up in our home? Maybe it’s the “new year, new me” momentum, but there’s this very strong urge to…
    5 days ago

    Top 5 Reasons Insurance Claims May Not Be Paid Out

    More South Africans than ever before now have some sort of short-term insurance in place and this figure is only increasing. Whilst the citizens of the country are becoming more…
    Design & Decor
    6 days ago

    Best Interior Design Decisions You Should Make in 2019

    Due to the fact that we spend most of our free time at home, it’s clear to see how even a minor interior design decision could have a major impact…
    Home Improvement
    7 days ago

    Is a Home Kitchen Remodel in Your Future?

    Whether you’re doing it for your own convenience and pleasure or getting your home ready to put on the market, remodeling a kitchen is an excellent investment. Studies show that…
    1 week ago

    5 Things You Never Thought to Frame

    When we look at our barren, empty walls we immediately think of filling it with art such as portraits, paintings and photographs. But there is so much more that we…
    1 week ago

    7 Tips for Aluminium Shutters Care

    If you have opted for aluminium shutters, then it can be already presumed that one of your main goals is to keep the level of maintenance minimum. In fact, their…
    Home Improvement
    2 weeks ago

    Factors to Consider Before Choosing the Right Air Conditioning Repair Service

    The boon of air conditioning gives us the comfortable life that we seek. But when something goes wrong or some technical difficulties arise, it is always a headache trying to…
    Design & Decor
    2 weeks ago

    How to Choose the Right Type of Art to Match Your House

    If you love looking at art but have never formally studied it or created art on your own, you may find it difficult knowing how to choose art for your…
      Green Living
      October 10, 2018

      5 Quick Ways to Make Your Home Greener

      Green living or eco-friendly homes are getting quite popular these days. Perhaps because more and more people are starting to…
      Green Living
      June 25, 2018

      4 Main Advantages of Green Living

      Everywhere in the world, people are getting motivated to go green; there are green products everywhere on the market. But,…
      Green Living
      May 31, 2018

      What are the Benefits of Composting?

      Composting is something that more and more people are getting into and it’s a great DIY project to start at…
      Green Living
      May 12, 2018

      4 Good Reasons to Go Green

      Are you still looking for reasons to go green? Is it even something you might consider doing? Or, do you…
      Green Living
      May 8, 2018

      4 Tips to Improve the Air Quality of Your Home

      We should take seriously the air we breathe at home. In the streets, we don’t have a choice, but when…
      Green Living
      April 4, 2018

      How to Start With Vermicomposting

      Composting has been revolutionized in modern society and you don’t even need a big yard anymore in order to start!…