Benefits of Having a Prepaid Electricity Meter

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  • #1 – Advantages of having a prepaid electricity meter
  • #2 – Benefits of a split prepaid electricity meter
  • #3 – Prepaid electricity meters in sectional titles
  • #4 – Installing a prepaid electricity meter
  • #5 – How much money can you save per month?

For many tenants, a prepaid electricity meter is the most convenient way to manage their electricity expenses.

Not only does it save money but it also eliminates any unpleasantness that tenants might experience when querying the bill with their landlords.

More and more households have switched to prepaid meters. This is because they can monitor them every day and it gives them the freedom to create accurate budgets.

There are many more reasons why going prepaid is the best solution. Here are a few benefits of having a prepaid electricity meter:

#1 – Advantages of having a prepaid electricity meter

The first advantage of having a prepaid meter is that it is easy to buy prepaid vouchers from most banking apps and retailers.

Secondly, you can combat meter-tampering via security-enhanced metering.

Thirdly, consumers only pay for the electricity that they use.

Tenants can monitor their electricity usage throughout the month and landlords don’t have to sit with incorrect bills from the municipality.

It gives the consumer more independence and they can identify the appliances that use the most electricity. This puts them in a position to make more energy-conscious choices. 

#2 – Benefits of a split prepaid electricity meter

The reason why prepaid electricity meters are so popular amongst landlords and tenants is because of the split meter option.

These meters are used more often because it offers an extra layer of security. They consist out of two-part: the physical monitor is installed in a secure environment and the tenant is given the keypad from where they can manage their usage.

Split meters are particularly useful in areas where meter tampering is a serious problem.

Because the split meter is installed in a safe environment, the chances of anyone tampering with the system is relatively low. 

#3 – Prepaid electricity meters in sectional titles

Prepaid electricity meters are also very beneficial when it comes to sectional title units. It can help to improve cash flow because the electricity is paid upfront.

The tenants pay for electricity before the bill from the municipality arrives which reduces the risk of non-payment.

If bills remain unpaid then the municipality can switch the electricity off. Prepaid electricity meters prevent this from happening.

Another benefit is that there won’t be an extra service charge on the bill. No one will be coming out to check the usage anymore.

Tenants are solely responsible for their own electricity. 

#4 – Installing a prepaid electricity meter

Eskom has a few requirements before they install a prepaid electricity meter.

You must already have electricity on the property if you want to switch to prepaid. You must also receive this electricity from Eskom. If you receive your electricity from a local municipality or another third-party supplier, you will have to contact them.

Even though most third-party suppliers buy in bulk from Eskom, Eskom has got nothing to do with the sales of third-party meters or electricity.

They distribute it as they wish. If this is the case, do enough research before you make the decision. 

#5 – How much money can you save per month?

According to experts, prepaid meters can reduce the amount of money you pay for electricity.

When switching to a prepaid electricity meter, you can save between 12-15% of electricity per day.

This might not sound like much but at the end of the month, your budget will definitely feel the difference. 

Prepaid electricity meters are the way to go for many landlords and tenants. It offers financial security and independence. It is also more reliable than the bill that the municipality sends at the end of the month.

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