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Best Interior Design Decisions You Should Make in 2019

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  • Create a palette
  • Introducing a touch of nature
  • Create hallways
  • Softer, lighter colors make the room bigger
  • Create a focal point

Due to the fact that we spend most of our free time at home, it’s clear to see how even a minor interior design decision could have a major impact on our lifestyle quality.

Psychology of colors is a well-known phenomenon and being exposed to a single hue for hours and hours each day, for months and years can have an impact on your mood, disposition, and overall mental state.

The layout of the room can make the commute easy and intuitive or it could make it difficult and anxiety-inducing. With that in mind and in order to get the most out of your living space in 2019, you need to make several interior design decisions and here are some of them:

Create a palette

Create a palette
Create a palette

The reason why so many people who dabble in the interior design avoid creating a palette is due to the fact that they believe that this constitutes a major remodeling project.

Now, provided that your furniture already has its main theme (white, hardwood or something similar) all you have to do is accessorize!

Sure, painting or hanging wallpaper is always a good idea (more about that later), however, a couple of wall ornaments, a nice rug or some coffee table accessories can do just as much to set a theme and create a palette.

Looking for an inspiration online is just as good of an idea as going for a scheme of your own.

Introducing a touch of nature

To introduce a touch of nature within your home all you have to do is start thinking about two major ideas.

First, you should definitely use more natural light.

Second, you need some green indoors. We’re talking about pot plants, yet, the choice of the plant is not nearly as important as the way in which you display it.

Sure, massive planters in corners of the room are an evergreen idea (no pun intended), yet, why not think a bit outside of the box and start considering hanging planters. While this is an idea that a lot of people use on their patio, only a handful of interior design enthusiasts would dare to try this in their living room.

In other words, this is the simplest way to make your home unique in no time.

Create hallways

Create hallways
Create hallways

One of the things we mentioned, when speaking about the functionality in the introduction, was the traffic through your home.

This needs to be one of your major concerns when planning the layout, instead of you just thinking about the visuals and the way in which your furniture pieces fit your wall ornaments.

Try creating small hallways throughout your home and you’ll see just how quickly your life becomes a lot easier.

Softer, lighter colors make the room bigger

One of the ways in which you can manipulate the space within your home is by using optic illusions in order to make it appear bigger or smaller.

For tinier rooms, going for softer, lighter colors can make them appear bigger. This is why painting the room, at least with the accent wall, might introduce a major change.

Still, paint is definitely not your only option.

Wallpaper specialists like those behind Well Hung Wallpaper usually have a suggestion or two to offer in this regard, as well. The best thing about hanging a wallpaper lies in the fact that the room doesn’t need nearly as much preparation as with the painting. This is especially true when done by professionals.

Create a focal point

While this is something that most living rooms already have, it’s funny how sometimes people think about the elements more than the way in which they fit together.

Now the easiest way to handle this issue once and for all is to imagine your living room as completely empty, devoid of anything (even the paint or the wallpaper) and think about an item that you add first.

This needs to become the focal point of the room, seeing as how your mind (subconsciously) already assigns it a priority.

From this point, each item you add needs to be reviewed in relation to that particular element – your focal point.

In conclusion

The reason why all of these ideas are so ideal is due to the fact that they’re cheap, simple and don’t take a lot of time to enforce. 

In fact, there’s nothing preventing you from pulling it all off in the first few months of 2019 but if you still fail to do so, you have an entire 2019 to make things right.

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