Buying a Property in Canada – Tips for South Africans

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  • Property Buying Policies for Foreigners
  • Where to Buy the Best Properties
  • How to Buy a Property
  • Negotiating the Property Price
  • Financing your Canadian Property
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South Africans planning to relocate to Canada should plan to buy a property since this option has many benefits when compared to renting.

The process is simple since Canada has not put any restrictions on foreigners who want to own a home.

If you do your research, you’ll see that the country has a booming expat community who have bought properties in different cities and towns.

If anyone from South Africa plans to buy a house or any other property in Canada, there are some important things to know. If this is your dream, read on:

Property Buying Policies for Foreigners

One of the good things in Canada is that foreigners are free to buy properties just like Canadians. The state has an open policy for this and no one is treated differently. Hence, those planning to live here should not find it hard to buy one.

However, there might be slight differences in the process of buying a property as a foreigner in different regions. For instance, Ontario has a 15% non-residence speculation tax on property.

Where to Buy the Best Properties

This depends on where you will be working or prefer to set up your business. Many people prefer to live in the cities, although you could also own a property in the mountainside or beachfront.

The options are endless. However, if you are open to all choices, the current survey by the Money Sense website gives the crown of the best places to stay in Canada to Ontario. It has the strongest economy, lowest crime rate, and the best weather.

How to Buy a Property

As a foreigner, you probably want to have the easiest and the most straightforward process, and this is where reliable real estate professionals, such as Home Flippers experts come in.

Ideally, an agent sources the best property for you after you discuss all of the specifications you are looking for.

They can also give advice if you are not sure of what you want. Most importantly, they act as a bridge between you and the sellers in Canada.

Apart from a property agent, you also need a lawyer to process all of the legal documents. Just like the process of buying a property in South Africa, or any other country, Canada has a legal process that must be followed.

Once an agreement has been made, the lawyer assesses it to see if it is within the law before the final copy is signed. They also ensure that other things such as inspection, title search, and all other legalities are done on time on behalf of the client.

Negotiating the Property Price

There is a thriving real estate market in Canada. Hence, the price is competitive, and within the market rate all over the country.

As a South African, there are many ways of checking the price of a home such as cross-checking property websites and magazines or talking to friends and relatives in Canada.

The real estate agent you hired will negotiate the best price with the seller once a property has been identified.

Financing your Canadian Property

Canada is a flexible country. You can either pay for your property in cash or check for possible financing.

The latter is not assured in many states, but Ontario accepts financing in lieu if you are coming to work here. However, you should be ready to raise a substantial amount of down payment as requested by the seller.


As a South African, you now know what is needed of you to own a property in Canada.

According to many experts, the country has made it very easy for foreigners to buy and own a property. With these tips, there is nothing else to hold you back from owning one.


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