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Uber Modern Design: How to Design a Hi-Tech Living Room

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  • The history of the style
  • Pick the right colors
  • Go simple and clean with finishes
  • Use electronics to your advantage
  • Opt for minimalist furniture
  • Choose little textile
  • Go easy on décor

Did you always dream about having one of those ultra high-tech rooms like in Star Trek?

Do you just love all the metallic sheens and minimalist furniture?

Then you’ll love to be a proud owner of a hi-tech living room!

This style is relatively new and requires plenty of work and discipline to maintain, but if you’re tech-savvy and cherish your tech lifestyle, you’ll have zero issues with your new living room.

Sound intrigued?

Here’s how to design your own hi-tech living room:

The history of the style

This is probably one of the newest design styles out there.

This ultra-modern style came to be in the last few years of the 20th century, so it’s pretty recent.

Its main inspirations are industrial premises, especially those that are based on science fiction literature and cinema. Plus, the emergence of new materials and technology only furthered the growth of this trend.

Some of its defining characteristics are minimalism, cool colors, straight lines and angles and the prevalence of modern materials such as glass, metal, concrete and plastic.

Of course, the latest technology feels right at home in every hi-tech living room.

Pick the right colors

Start your design from its base—the color palette.

The main colors of every hi-tech space are usually white and gray, but bright colors with a metallic sheen can be used as fitting accents.

If you want to add some diversity to the space, opt for neon green, red, orange and black.

Go simple and clean with finishes

Think glossy laminate, ceramic tiles or polished concrete for your floors.

These are simple, practical and very industrial which perfectly fits the vibe.

When it comes to walls, it’s best to keep them bare or choose plain wallpapers, mirror panels or 3D tiles.

Use electronics to your advantage

Most people who opt for a hi-tech style have a large space to work with.

However, if you have a small room, you can still go for what you like as long as you plan.

For instance, you can make better use of your vertical spaces and invest in modern TV wall mounts that will free up some shelf space.

These are also more practical and give off that sleek hi-tech vibe, especially with paired with a large plasma TV.

When turned off, these devices turn into black mirrors that open up the space and create an illusion of larger square footage.

Opt for minimalist furniture

Light, glossy and laminated furniture will look the best in your hi-tech space. Think compact shelves, TV stands and cabinets with glossy finishes and maybe a touch of LED lighting.

While it’s best to leave your furniture unadorned, you can go with some chrome or glass accents on shelving, tables and cabinets.

If you have upholstered furniture pieces, choose one-color materials. No matter if fabric or leather, smooth and shiny finishes are preferred.

Chairs and dining room furniture can be plastic, even completely transparent, especially if you lack space.

Choose little textile

Like mentioned above, textiles should be used scarcely and carefully.

For instance, in order to minimize your use of fabric, you can replace your curtains with plastic or metal shutters.

If you must use fabric for your window treatment, opt for something light without clips and holders. Your upholstery can be replaced by leather and your cushions can be simple cloth.

If choosing fabric upholstery, make sure to keep your color palette monochromatic and smooth.

Go easy on décor

There’s no use to put any traditional décor in your hi-tech space.

Plenty of light, chrome and glossy finishes are all you need to make your space interesting.

But, if you need to add some personality to your space, floor lamps, abstract paintings and metal statues will add some extra glamour.

Follow these tips and your living room will look like your personal spaceship where you’re the classy captain. It will definitely launch you right into the 21st century!

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