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4 Tips For DIY Décor and Design

Too many people think that changing the décor and design of your home can only be done by a professional.

Read: a professional that is expensive!

However, this isn’t true at all: home décor and design can be done by everyone.

If you’re interested in finding out how you can create your own décor and design without a professional, check out the advice below on how you might tackle doing your own home decorating and designing:

(1) Avoid too much furniture in one room

With the sizes of our homes getting smaller and smaller, the following décor and design rule might be one that’s hard to follow: you ought to try and not add too many pieces of furniture in one room.

If at all possible, you should make sure that there’s only one ‘major piece’ present in the room!

Obviously, one should double-check whether the furniture isn’t too big for the space by carefully taking the room measurements beforehand.

It’ll make things much easier when choosing the right-sized furniture without having to make the room feel too busy.

(2) When painting a wall, choose your paint color last

Besides the vast majority of homeowners, even professional décor and design professionals err against this rule: when you are changing the décor of your home, you should make sure that you are picking your paint color for the walls last!

And yes, selecting your paint last and actually waiting to paint the room last are two separate things! Which color suits your walls best should be part of your planning ahead of time – and in the end, you’ll see that you will have a much better chance of choosing the right color.

(3) Every room should have a focal point

One focal point: that’s a great start to make your room look modern!

Yet, too many people go in unprepared, start picking any willy-nilly objects as their focal point, and before you realize, there will be a number of focal points in a single room.

No wonder certain rooms will look quite busy!

(4) Know which colors are a great match

Based on their experience, décor and design professionals have a good feeling which colors tend to be a match – and will be able to discuss with you the latest paint color trends to prove their point. Unfortunately, this tends to be a rather rare skill.

One great tool to assist you in mixing and matching different colors is a color wheel: it’ll at least immediately be able to show you which colors NOT to mix!

In the end, with some preparation and research ahead of time, décor and design can be done by anyone. If you know what to look for and if you are planning thoroughly before starting to redecorate your room, you will more than likely not need to hire a professional.

Hopefully, these quick tips will assist you getting more comfortable as you’re picking up the new challenge of doing your décor and design yourself!

You might have a knack for it and confuse your immediate surrounding who might think you had professional assistance in (re)decorating the house!

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