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Eco-Friendly Bathroom Design Trends That Will Dominate in 2018

If you think your bathroom needs some remodeling, you are probably right. However, don’t just settle for some minor changes or some ordinary renovations like repainting the walls in the same exact shade of white.

Instead, think outside the box and listen to what the current bathroom trends have to say.

It is not a surprise that the biggest trend this year is eco-friendliness. Each year people try harder and better to make their homes green, and the best place to start is the bathroom.

So, let’s see what kind of eco-friendly bathroom design trends we have for this year:

Color comeback – but VOC-free

For years, people have avoided adding colors to their bathroom. They often kept it white, because that color has proven to be the easiest one to maintain.

However, today, white is out of the picture!

What you should do is look for the new shades of paint for your bathrooms. And since color is making a comeback, your hands are untied.

Look for bolder shades for your bathroom, such as gray, yellow and even red. But, given that such colors can sometimes be too strong, you might want to pick a more subtle shade!

Also, you don’t have to be afraid of using a black color anymore, so try to introduce a few lines or pieces painted black. However, the only thing to watch out for is the quality and eco-friendliness of a specific paint material.

Make sure it is VOC-free since such paint cannot damage your health or the environment.

Bold and colorful ceramic tiles

Bathroom Design Trend
Bathroom Design Trend

Speaking of color, you don’t have to introduce it solely through your color of paint. Picking more cheerful tiles is another great way to do so:

  • Look for various patterns of your desire, some geometrical shapes or marble-like patterns and make a statement wall in your bathroom behind the shower or sink.
  • Also, you can even dress your bathroom in some retro tiles painted black or even white. This makes a great option because such tiles are usually made of ceramics, which is the best eco-friendly material for your bathroom.

Sustainable materials

Bathroom Design Trend Bathtub
Bathroom Design Trend Bathtub

When it comes to materials, you should make sure they are recyclable and natural:

  • For example, you can replace our old bathtub with a stone or stainless steel one. These might come off as cold, but their materials are eco-friendly and you can easily recycle them.
  • Additionally, stainless steel can be used in other modern bathroom supplies, which will only benefit the design of your bathroom and make it green.
  • Another great material you can use is wood. Better yet, use recycled timber and make a nice feature wall behind the sink or your freestanding bathtub. This way, you will contribute to the spa-like feel in your bathroom, while the materials cause harm to no one. Plus, wood makes a great material for your cabinets and other bathroom furniture and gives it a soft & cosy atmosphere. So, don’t forget to do some minor remodeling in order to improve your bathroom.

Introduce tech

It might seem odd to put technology in the bathroom, but this doesn’t mean you have to add a huge TV inside (but nothing stops you if you wish).

This means introducing some bathroom features that have grown, so to say, due to technology advances:

  • So, for example, you can add mirrors with LED lighting, which automatically translates into greener bathrooms because you can finally ditch those old-school bulbs.
  • Also, you could add a temperature regulator, which will save plenty of energy and money.
  • Another great thing to add is a towel dryer, which not only can save you space, but save you money and water on frequent washing of the towels as well.

So, think about the technology and make your bathroom modern, because it will certainly pay off.

Bathroom Design Trend Color
Bathroom Design Trend Color

Water preservation

Last but not least, you should always rely on good old tips for preserving water.

This trend never goes out of style, so make sure to preserve water wherever you can!

Also, this trend won’t be hard to pair with other interior design trends. It is all due to the manufacturers who respect both aspects of beauty and eco-friendliness. Thus, you can find low-flow shower heads, as well as sinks in various designs, which are modern and can fit your bathroom style.

Furthermore, don’t forget to install a low-flow toilet and you might even want to consider one of those modern bidets. Nothing wrong knowing how much you’re preserving each day! Of course, it goes without saying that you should turn off the faucet when you’re not using it.

As you can see, interior design trends can do more than just look pretty. It is important to preserve our environment and one of the best places to start certainly is your bathroom.

So, consider some of these trends and not only will your bathroom look amazing, it will do good for the planet too!

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Eco-Friendly Bathroom Design Trend 2018
Eco-Friendly Bathroom Design Trend 2018

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