5 Exciting Smart Home Trends of 2022

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  • 1) Turn your smart home touchless
  • 2) Smart home offices
  • 3) Smart appliances
  • 4) Smart Health
  • 5) Smart home security

This year saw a rise in smart home integration where homeowners became connected with their homes – quite literally.

Over the years smart home technology has made it easier for homeowners to manage almost everything in their house remotely.

Not only do smart homeowners have peace of mind but the convenience of running the house from anywhere at any time is unmatched.

Since the first few smart home devices hit the market, it has become common in all homes whether humble or luxurious.

Most of these devices are easy to install and can be controlled from a smartphone.

Here are a few exciting smart home trends for 2022.

1) Turn your smart home touchless

With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, several homeowners decided to install touchless tech.

The limited touching of surfaces ensured better hygiene and minimized the risk of transmission.

Even though there is some relief in the COVID-19 restrictions, touchless tech remains popular.

Touchless doorbells, for instance, have made it easy for guests to visit without touching a potentially germ-infested doorbell.

Fixtures like lights that can be controlled by a smartphone app also minimize the risk of touching switches in and around the house. 

2) Smart home offices

Another trend that emerged in the real estate market during the pandemic is the increase in home offices.

Many people were forced to work from home and some companies made work-from-home their preferred mode of working.

With the rise of home offices came the rise of smart home office technology.

Noise-cancelling windows drown out the noise from outside so that you can work in a tranquil environment.

Did the kids leave your office in a mess the morning of an important meeting? There are several AI filters that you can use as background during your video calls.

Then, of course, the rollout of fibre internet connection has made connecting with clients and managers easier, faster, and better. 

3) Smart appliances

One of the most appealing features of smart home tech is smart appliances.

This became especially functional along with the emergence of smart home offices.

Everything is now connected anywhere in the house. This makes it easy for you to have a good firm grip on the running of your home without stopping your own work.

You can remotely change the temperature of any room in the house by controlling the air conditioner.

If your microwave or oven has cameras installed, you can check on the food without interrupting what you are busy with.

You can even check the fridge camera while you’re at the shop to see what you need to stock up on.

Even though these appliances are currently still a bit expensive, they are bound to become more accessible.

4) Smart Health

Smart health devices have revolutionized the way people view their health and take care of themselves.

Since its initial release onto the market, smart health devices have become more and more sophisticated.

Most of these devices help you track your sleep, your fitness level, and your heart rate.

It reminds you to get up and walk around if you’ve been sitting for too long and it gives you a stress insight if it picks up an elevated heart rate.

Smart health devices also offer comprehensive fitness programs that you can follow at home and you can cast this onto a smart television or screen if you have one.

Some of the smart health devices have functions where you can download certain apps onto their interface whereby you can control other smart home features in your house.

Imagine switching on your lights from your wrist!

5) Smart home security

Smart home security is interconnected, allowing you to have full control of the safety of your family.

Most smart security systems come with motion sensors that will notify you whenever someone is moving around in the house.

You can also watch the cameras at home from your smartphone. This makes it easy for you to travel or go on holiday with added peace of mind.

Motion sensors and timers can also be added to lights and you can time them to go on and off when you need them to.

This helps in saving energy and it makes your life so much easier. 

Final thoughts

Smart home systems are valuable to any home whether it is big or small.

It gives the homeowner more control and it is a convenient way to manage smart devices.

The technology is relatively inexpensive and easy to install.

Getting connected to your home is the smartest thing you can do for yourself and your loved ones. 

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