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FusionBrands Foodpod Steamer

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s er… wait what is that thing?

The foodpod is a silicone cooking tool designed to save you time when boiling, blanching or steaming by conveniently containing, removing and draining foods (like eggs, veggies or shellfish) in one easy-to-use vessel.

Simply place foods in the foodpod, place in water and cook as usual. When done, lift the whole pod from water, and let it drain. Remove from foodpod and enjoy (minus some of the usual hassles).

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Some stuff you should know:

  • Saves time and water when preparing a meal. Foods are immersed and removed at the same time ensuring even cooking.
  • Keeps foods together for quick and easy removal acts as a strainer and drains water back into the pot & lets you reserve the cooking water too!
  • Easily holds up to a dozen large eggs or several heads of broccoli.
  • Built-in grip clip allows for convenient removal from water and aids in boil over control.
  • Non-stick silicone protects delicate foods and pot surfaces Flexible to fit in any size pot for cooking and storing.
  • Made of FDA/EU food-safe silicone and BPA-free nylon
  • Top rack dishwasher safe

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