How Not To Househunt With Kids In Tow

As real estate agents doing house viewings with clients, we get exposed to many different families.

Besides the usual couples looking for a new home, we sometimes have viewings which gets attended by the entire Brady Bunch family.

And I’m not referring to the nice mom’n’pop with 2 silent nerdy kids in tow.

I’m talking about those ‘cool moms & dads’ who believe in free parental reigns, which most of the time translates into the little rascals being all over the place, testing out the durability & ‘jumpiness’ of furniture!

I respect the choice that every parent decides how to raise their children but I cringe at the thought sometimes if only the sellers were to see how some of these interested buyers went about about viewing their home!

Fortunately, I haven’t been on the other side of such a seller communication, unlike my colleague. She received a nice, long detailed email from an owner last week, informing her that ‘someone’ had displaced a number of the Christmas ornaments, helped themselves quite generously in a bowl of candy and left tiny footprints on the upstairs couches.

For the sake of the children’s safety (using the uncovered pool as her excuse), going forward, the owner requested the parents to be holding the children’s hands at all times or leave them home altogether.

Househunt with kids? How do you as a real estate agent deal with situations like this? Do you let the kids do their thing and concentrate on the parents? Or do you dare to say something to the kids risking non-responsiveness and dirty looks from the parents?

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