10 Tips to Protect Your Home While On Vacation

Bags are packed and you are ready to go! This vacation couldn’t have come sooner and you have probably been counting down the days since you booked the trip.

Even though this is an exciting time, you must have a dreadful feeling about leaving your house unattended for a few weeks.

With the crime rate as high as it is in this country, it is only natural for us to take precaution when we leave on holiday.

Here are 10 easy tips to protect your home while on vacation:

#1 – Beefed up security

We know what you’re thinking: beefy, hunky guys protecting your house, right?

An attractive image, but sadly no!

With beefed up security, we mean doing more than just setting the alarm.

You could, for example, install a lock strike-plate on your door. This is usually the weakest part and the place where thieves try to break in.

#2 – Pretend you’re still there

You need to ensure that your house still has that ‘lived-in look’ when you leave.

Simple things like putting a timer on the lights so that they switch on and off, or hiring someone to mow your lawn will create the image that you are still there.

#3 – Shut those windows

Double check that you have shut all the windows, especially during the Christmas season.

It is nice to hang your lights out on the porch, but if the extension runs through a window into the house, it is better for you to take them down and close the windows.

#4 – Drive solicitors away

This may sound somewhat harsh or rude, we know, but nothing is more interesting than your safety! And we ought to acknowledge that those with ill intentions are extra aggressive during the holidays.

You rather turn solicitors selling charities away – nothing wrong telling them you’d be more than happy to drop off whatever forms or gifts in person at their local store! This time, you’re in control of the situation.

As sad as it is, this is the easiest way for thieves to get into your yard and have a look inside your house.

#5 – Tech up

Technology offers you hundreds of ways to keep your home safe when you go away and it is recommended that you make use of it.

If you have a smart device, you can control them from your phone and switch necessary lights or appliances on or off.

Obviously, you should also make sure that your WiFi is secured.

#6 – Hide your valuables

It’s something that doesn’t always cross your mind, but you should hide important and valuable things somewhere safe.

This includes precious jewellery, money, laptops and even car keys. If you have a safe, you could lock it away.

If not, the old under-the-mattress trick will have to do.

#7 – Record your valuables

Before you go on holiday, make a list of all the valuables you have as well as their quantities.

Keep the serial keys of technological devices such as laptops so that if the worst happens you can confirm it is yours if found by the police.

#8 – Pack in secret

The best way to pack is to pretend you’re on a secret mission: do it out of sight.

As soon as passersby see that you are loading bags, bikes and boards onto cars, they will definitely know something is up and that you won’t be at home for a while.

#9 – Keep empty boxes off the curb

Street shopping is real, ladies and gents.

It is unwise for you to leave empty boxes on the side of the road for everyone to see.

Rather keep them inside and dispose of them when you return from holiday.

#10 – Keep your plans on the down-low

Yes, we know you want to brag on social media about going to Thailand, but it is best that you don’t advertise that you are going away.

Why not wait for your return to update your status and share your newest pictures at the same time?

This is the perfect gateway for thieves to have their own holiday in your home – or did you really think only the ‘good guys’ have access to the internet / Facebook?

Preparing your home for vacation doesn’t have to be this enormous mission – one just needs to be vigilant and play it low-key!

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