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Main Reasons to Hire a Home Cleaning Service

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  • 1 - Black or green areas form on the roof
  • 2 - Rainwater is overflowing from your gutters
  • 3 - Natural light is blocked from coming into your home
  • 4 - The high traffic areas are visible on your carpet
  • 5 - Your curtains appear discoloured

Most homeowners know how to clean their homes.

It’s just a bit of dusting, vacuuming, and polishing, right? Sure, this will create the illusion that your home is clean on the surface but what about the dirt and debris that gets stuck in the deeper crevices of your house?

A home cleaning service is a great way to ensure that your home is deep cleaned by a professional. They can look at your home from a fresh perspective and get into those hard-to-reach corners. The bonus, of course, is that you get the day off from cleaning.

Here are 5 reasons why and when you should hire a home cleaning service:

1 – Black or green areas form on the roof

If you’ve noticed dark areas forming on your roof it could be caused by algae, fungus, or moss. If left to linger and spread, it can cause rot to the shingles of your roof.

Roofing rarely needs cleaning but when mould and other residue start building up, you need help from professionals.

Spending time on the roof and trying to clean it can be risky, but professional home cleaners will have the right equipment and the right chemicals to make sure that your roof is restored to its original condition. 

2 – Rainwater is overflowing from your gutters

Gutters are often forgotten when we clean the house but it is one of the things that should be prioritized.

Regular gutter cleaning ensures that debris and leaves are removed so that the gutters aren’t blocked up. Clean gutters will successfully divert rainwater away from the house, preventing any damage. If your gutters are clogged up, however, rainwater can overflow and lead to serious problems.

Professional cleaners have the necessary skills to clean the gutters and to ensure that your home is protected during the next rainfall. 

3 – Natural light is blocked from coming into your home

It’s easy enough to clean windows from the inside but the outside is a different story, especially if you have two floors or if your house is built high up.

Cleaning windows from the outside needs to be done properly – too much detergent without proper rinsing can cause even more grime to build up and too little detergent barely cleans the window, to begin with!

A home cleaning service cleans the windows on the inside and the outside to ensure that as much natural light as possible can filter through your home. 

4 – The high traffic areas are visible on your carpet

It is important to look after the carpets in your home because people walk over them every single day.

The problem is that after a while you can see where people walk most often and the carpet becomes dirty. Vacuuming is a good idea but it is only a temporary solution. A vacuum cleaner does not always reach between the fibres of the carpet.

Professional cleaning services usually offer carpet cleaning services and they ensure that your carpet is washed, rinsed, and dried, so that it can support the next pair of feet walking over it. 

5 – Your curtains appear discoloured

Curtains are usually the first items in the living room that start discolouring especially if you live in a particularly dusty area.

Curtains made from materials like cotton or polyester can easily be thrown into the washing machine but some materials are more sensitive. Silk and linen require attention and care from a professional cleaning service. They can use the proper treatment method and in no time your drapes are up against the wall, hanging in their former glory. 

It is a good idea to hire a professional cleaning company now and then so that the important areas in your house get extra attention.   


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