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“Invent your world, surround yourself with people, colour sound and works that nourish you.” Sark

Tamarillo Ceramics owner and curator Lorrae Mehmel, is inspired by the natural world and the sensory affect is produces. Rooted to the earth, her creations are born out of all that surrounds her.

“The designs are an expression of my inner creativity because each message or design expresses a part of my personality. I am a loving free spirit and my imagination flies amongst the birds to settle on a pincushion, which then allows me to drink from the nectar of life”.

“Nature has so much to tell us, its up to us to take a few moments. To hear what is being said for I am a mere human being always searching for a greater meaning of life and living it. Time always seems to be a blur, always rushing past at a abnormal pace, before we all know it, our life has run out.. Art is like a time capsule, it holds time still in its medium. Pottery is clay from the earth, molded by water and hardened by fire”.

Having decided not to join another learning facility after school, and being told where to channel her creative ideas, she evolved artistically on her own. Lorrae worked in some of South Africa’s leading art galleries, and developed relationships with well renowned curators and South Africa’s artists who imparted their knowledge and passion for art, upon her.

The poetry of the earth is never dead’. John KeatsTamarillo Ceramics and Design, not only boasts that its roots are proudly South African, but also takes pride in being ‘local’. Earth, air, water and fire are the elements we live so closely with, and these elements are used to create each piece of ceramic work.

Many a creative South African hand has touched each creation, from the excavating of South African earth, to the refining of that earth into clay, to the many men and women who cast them into these objects d’art. These pieces are functional but care should be taken when dish washing and microwaving them over a long period of time, as this can reduce the ceramics life span.

As Tamarillo evolves and envelopes more tactile pieces such as natural woods, décor softs and glass, the range is ever expanding and growing continually incorporating as much of South African nature as possible, landscapes and windmills, all signatures of who we are proud to be.

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