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Tips for Hosting Virtual Showings During the COVID-19 Outbreak

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  • 1 -- Video Tour
  • 2 -- Apps
  • 3 -- Socially-Distancing Inspections
  • 4 -- 3D Tours
  • 5 -- Virtual Paperwork

During the uncertain times of the Covid-19 outbreak, we all want to keep ourselves and others safe.

Many of your favorite local businesses are finding ways to provide contactless services to you for everyone’s convenience.

Real estate agents are no different!

The process of buying a home can be stressful, especially when it’s unsafe to have your clients view prospective homes in person.

Here are some great tips for hosting a virtual showing: 

1 — Video Tour

If you’re dealing with property that many people are interested in, filming yourself giving a tour would be helpful for numerous clients.

It’s not live or interactive, where your clients can ask questions, but it saves you time from having to do several live-streamed tours. 

2 — Apps

Apps are really making the world go round right now.

FaceTime, Zoom, Skype, and other telecommunications apps can help you show your clients their potential new home from all angles.

Sometimes pictures don’t quite allow for buyers to follow the layout of the house, but with a video app, you can show them all areas of the home.

In the USA, using remote tours is the current recommendation by the National Association of Realtors® during the pandemic. Those who are relocating in 2020 can view a raw look at their potential future home.

Buyers can also ask questions in real-time, which they can’t do if you just send them a pre-recorded video of the property. 

3 — Socially-Distancing Inspections

Bank valuations (as well as home inspections in case they are any) can, thankfully, be done with minimal contact.

Many valuors/inspectors might suggest for you to stay in one section of the home while they complete the review.

As always, when asking questions and discussing the house, always maintain a safe distance during a conversation. 

4 — 3D Tours

Many real estate companies provide virtual tours, but they’re extra helpful during this time.

If your client doesn’t have access to using apps, this can help them to envision the layout accompanied by the photos of the home. 

5 — Virtual Paperwork

Once your client has settled on their new home, you can process the paperwork remotely as well.

You can send documents that allow for e-signatures, collaborating on documents through Google, while chatting through Google Hangouts.

There are mobile notary services available to make the document’s official. Mortgage brokers and banks are also making exceptions and working towards being fully virtual right now, so the entire process of buying a home can be done from the comfort of your home.

If your financial institution can’t accommodate virtual signings, they are working towards very low or no contact processes, including mailing documents, or equipping everyone with personal protective gear during the in-person meetings.  

It’s unknown how long social-distancing and quarantine practices will be enforced, so virtual tours and closings could become the new norm. The more you do them, the more tips and tricks you’ll learn the most efficient ways to help out your clients. 


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