6 Ways to Survive Loadshedding

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  • 1) Stock up on battery-powered lights
  • 2) Play board games during loadshedding
  • 3) Loadshedding = time for chores
  • 4) Invite people over for a braai
  • 5) Have a candle-lit dinner when loadshedding hits
  • 6) Invest in an inverter

It’s a word that has dug its way into every South African household like a pest you can’t get rid of – loadshedding.

Even though we have been living with it for about 14 years already it is something that still annoys us when it happens. You can almost hear the collective sigh of the country when Eskom introduces loadshedding at the start of the weekend.

We have even reached the stage where we are grateful when it only happens once a day. 

While we may not be completely used to this type of ‘normality’ it is something that is going to happen in the next few years.

Some reports say that it might even get much worse before it gets better… if it gets better. When loadshedding starts it disrupts every single household and business, and if you have kids then you know how quickly boredom sets in.

Luckily we are innovative people and there are many things that you can do during loadshedding.

Here are 6 ways that you and your family can survive the next looming blackout. 

1) Stock up on battery-powered lights

Battery-powered lights are a must-have especially if loadshedding is going to happen during the evening or early hours of the morning.

It is still dark in the morning during winter and it is difficult to get ready for work or school without the lights being on.

It also lets any criminals in the area know that there is activity in the house. They might not be as eager to break in when they see a light or two through the window.

Some battery-powered lights might cost you a few Randelas but it is an investment for the dark days ahead.

Just remember to keep them charged when the electricity comes back on again!

2) Play board games during loadshedding

Now that you have your battery-powered lights you can use them to play board games during loadshedding.

Our first instinct is to hop on our phones but the cell phone towers only last so long before your mobile data starts cutting out, too.

Ditch the phones altogether, round up the family and play some of your old favourites.

It is a great way to reminisce especially if you dust off classics like Monopoly or Scrabble. There is a reason why some board games remain best-sellers to this day. 

3) Loadshedding = time for chores

This is, of course, only a good idea if loadshedding happens during the day.

It gives you a great excuse to catch up on all the chores you’ve been setting aside for ‘later’.

Of course, you won’t be able to use electrical appliances like the dishwasher, the iron or the vacuum cleaner.

However, there are very few things that a sturdy duster and warm soapy water can’t clean.

Roll up those sleeves and gives your walls and floor a proper scrub. Climb on a chair, grab the duster and get in between the nooks and crannies of your shelves.

You might even find a few things during your loadshedding spring cleaning. 

4) Invite people over for a braai

Like South Africans need an excuse to have braai! If you feel like you do though, this is the perfect opportunity.

Call up friends and family and ride out the loadshedding next to a cosy fire.

It is a great way to catch up during a busy week and you can still cook food without relying on electricity.

You’ll be surprised to see how fast two hours go by when you are outside having fun with your loved ones. 

5) Have a candle-lit dinner when loadshedding hits

Loadshedding can actually be pretty romantic.

If you and your partner are going to be alone during loadshedding then organize a candle-lit dinner.

You can prepare the food beforehand or work on a gas stove if you have one.

Then all you do is light a few candles, burn some incense and play soft music (on a Bluetooth speaker, of course) while you wine and dine with that special someone in your life.

And once you’ve swept them off your feet, remember to thank Eskom for a magical evening.

6) Invest in an inverter

Inverters are great alternatives if you don’t want to invest in a generator.

It is often more affordable than a fully-fledged power system that will keep your household running.

Inverters are not designed to keep electronics running for hours on end. It only powers your appliances for a few minutes after an outage.

This is why they are also handy in case of unexpected power outages. There are different types of inverters so make sure that you do enough research before investing in one. 

Final thoughts

Even though loadshedding is the most-hated L-word in the country right now, it doesn’t have to be all bad. There are many things that you can do in two hours and it forces you to disconnect from the busyness that is everyday life. 

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