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5 Alternative Uses for Your Garden Shed

Most of us have a garden shed that’s just standing somewhere in the garden not being of much use, especially since most of us make use of garden services nowadays.

Nowadays, that quaint shed has come a really long way and it’s being used for a lot more things than you ever thought possible!

It has become somewhat of an extension of the home, a space where you can decorate and do whatever you want with it. No more rusty garden shears or your 100-year-old lawnmower just taking up space, while a colony of spiders plots your demise.

What if you could take this extra space and make create something useful for yourself, significant other or even the kids?

Just think of what you really need from it and you’ll be surprised to see all the alternative uses for your garden shed you can come up with!

Here are the five most popular possibilities:

(5) Office Space

Alternative Uses for Garden Shed - Home Office
Alternative Uses for Your Garden Shed – Home Office

If you’re lucky enough to work from home, then upgrading your garden shed to an office space is definitely something you can consider.

You can decorate it however you want without anyone meddling in your eclectic colour choices.

You’ll be away from the kids who come home screeching in the afternoon and you will have a space where you can feed your creative energy and actually get work done.

(4) Home Gym

Alternative Uses for Garden Shed - Home Gym
Alternative Uses for Your Garden Shed – Home Gym

Ever wanted an area where you can pump iron while grunting as loudly as you want?

If your home doesn’t have the extra space and your garage is also packed to the brim, why not put up motivational posters and put in all the exercise machines and barbells that you’ll actually use!?

Plus, there won’t be any need to wait in line to use certain equipment, zero gym fees, and you can go run on the treadmill in the middle of the night to clear your head when you can’t sleep!

(3) Game Room

Alternative Uses for Garden Shed - Game Room
Alternative Uses for Your Garden Shed – Game Room

A pool table, foosball table and even a dartboard are all things your game room could have if you’re tired of your old garden shed.

You can invite over all your friends and kick it with a few beers and no-one will have to drive home. All you have to do is add a pull-out couch so your friends can crash there, nobody will be drinking and driving and you can sleep soundly knowing they’re safe.

(2) Home Cinema

Alternative Uses for Garden Shed -- Home Cinema
Alternative Uses for Your Garden Shed — Home Cinema

How about converting your garden shed into a mini-cinema for your family and friends:

  • A large projector can be used on a white painted wall or even a large TV mounted against the wall;
  • Install light dimmers to set that movie mood;
  • Remember to black out the walls so no light filters in and ruins movie night;
  • Comfy couches and a popcorn machine are all you need to make this happen;
  • And of course the latest blockbusters!

(1) Man Cave

Alternative Uses for Garden Shed -- Man Cave
Alternative Uses for Your Garden Shed — Man Cave (Photo Credit)

And last but not least: no list will be complete if we were to leave out the man cave: that space where men can go to shut out the world and enjoy the things they love with some added peace and quiet.

A PS4, large flatscreen TV and a minibar fridge usually set the standard for any man cave. Whatever your choice of downtime, if you manage to outfit a man cave in the basement or attic, it will very likely fit into the garden shed. The possibilities are pretty much endless!

While these are only 5 ideas there are plenty more to choose from, it all just depends on your needs. And even if you redo it and keep it as a space for your garden equipment, well that’s okay too.

After all, isn’t that what it was intended to be used for anyway?

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5 Alternative Uses for Your Garden Shed
5 Alternative Uses for Your Garden Shed

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