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6 Major Landscaping Mistakes to Avoid

The exterior of a home is always the first place where homeowners and visitors make their first impressions.

Your garden should be a place of solitude; not something that makes you stress out and avoid looking out the window.

Curb appeal is essential to selling your home but many homeowners make mistakes when they try to redo their gardens. And yet, these mistakes can be easily avoided!

Here are 6 major landscaping mistakes to avoid:

No.1 – Perception of (too much) work

You might enjoy spending your Sunday gardening, but it might not be such an appealing thought for the next homeowner who is going to live in your house.

When you redo your landscaping, don’t go overboard and make it seem like the garden is too much work to maintain!

Bottom line is that a lot of people might love looking at a gorgeously manicured garden, but simply do not have time (or money) themselves to invest in a garden.

So, try downsizing the flowerbeds and planting perennials instead of annuals. Another great tip would be to plant indigenous plants that do not require as much work.

No.2 – Dead plants and stuff

The only time you should have dead plants in your garden is in the middle of winter and as soon as you see them popping their heads, remove them.

There is nothing gloomier than seeing a house on the market and the garden is full of dead plants!

Homeowners should make sure that their plants are kept healthy and alive at all times during the year if they can.

Potential home buyers might just change their minds if they see a dead garden in their potential yard.

No.3 – No-brainer (visible) repairs

When interested buyers are looking at a home, they want to envision themselves living there and this becomes difficult when your picket fence is hanging on its last nail!

It is so important for you as a homeowner to make sure that your repairs are being tended to!

Buyers would want to spend as little money as possible fixing the house so make sure that you put your DIY-hat on and grab that hammer to put a few nails in its place.

No.4 – Choice of paint gone bad

Paint maketh the house and unfortunately, this is something that many homeowners struggle with.

In other words, that lovely salmon color you’ve been wanting to paint the house might actually not be the best shade to attract potential buyers.

If you live in a community, it is important to adhere to the HOA rules or even unspoken laws of painting: if the houses in your street are painted in rather neutral colors and yours is bright blue, it will stick out like a sore thumb.

Remember that the choice of paint can turn off potential buyers in an instant and you might just lose out on the sale of a lifetime due to your magenta windowsills.

Perhaps time to take another look at the paint colors used throughout the house?

No.5 – Driveway = car parking mania

Usually, a car in the driveway is not a problem; this is where cars go after all.

However, when there are too many cars in the driveway, it might lead to buyers thinking there isn’t enough space inside the garage to park the cars!

Besides that, it could also damage the curb appeal of the home.

No.6 – Clutter in the yard

This is important, especially if you have kids. We know, we know: they just finished playing outside, you are exhausted and you just want to relax.

The truth, however, is that people are going to dismiss the house if the yard is cluttered. There’s no reason to distract the interested home buyers from the good parts of the house!

Make sure the yard is spotless on the day of a showing.

By taking care of these landscaping problems, you will be able to open your home up to bigger potential and a larger pool of buyers.

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