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5 Major Benefits of Social Media and Email Marketing for Real Estate Agencies

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  • No.1 - Spreading the Word
  • No.2 - Know Your Marketing
  • No.3 - Social Media and Email Strategy
  • No.4 - Creation of Content
  • No.5 - It's Cost-Effective and Easy to Use

Internet marketing has penetrated every part of our daily routine. We use search engines for almost all our needs, from making hotel reservations to buying clothes, even seeking personal advice.

Our inboxes and social media networks are brimming with information and we gladly embrace all that cyberspace has to offer in order to make our lives easier.

Real estate agencies find these trends extremely valuable since they provide them with immense opportunities for marketing and potential prospects for success.

A real estate agent’s progress depends on visual appeal and promotion which can be greatly increased by using social media and email marketing.

No.1 – Spreading the Word

Ad campaigns, promotional offers and word of mouth marketing are all tools for customer engagement that social networks provide.

And even though customer referrals are not influenced by you directly, you can definitely benefit from experiences shared between your current and potential clients.

You can post pictures of available properties on social networks, such as Instagram or Facebook, which even allows panoramic views and 360-degree images. This saves potential buyers a tremendous amount of time because they can have a complete view of the property without actually having to visit it. Each post on social media could attract likes and shares, and the more followers you have, the better.

Furthermore, reaching out to customers online enables direct contact. This is especially convenient in email marketing, where you are able to provide a tailored, personal approach to each customer individually, therefore building trust and establishing rapport. You can identify their requirements and needs before you meet them in person, and structure your sales pitch accordingly. 

No.2 – Know Your Marketing

As an important part of your real estate agency’s marketing plan, a social media presence demands lots of activities on a daily basis.

Being familiar with the fundamentals, brand development, social media management, and email marketing strategies will ultimately turn your followers into customers.

You might even wish to take on a whole team of managers whose main objective will be to develop and preserve your online brand identity, create a stable community around it, as well as take responsibility for online communication with current and potential clients.

However, be mindful, that assembling such a team can take time, as you’re unlikely to find the right people with all the necessary skill sets right away. To this end, you can even invest in educating those team members that might be lacking in experience and that could benefit from studying the marketing essentials before they hit the ground running. 

No.3 – Social Media and Email Strategy

The advent of the internet has brought about a unique shift in the real estate industry.

The first step in property buying is almost always a quick Google search. People nowadays prefer to do their own research and then consult an expert in the field. In light of this, getting the customer’s attention now requires more creativity than ever. You have to keep in mind that your business operates within your local community so competition is most likely fierce, to say the least.

However, with an efficient social media strategy you can ensure quick engagement, present quality, informative content and most importantly, advertise at the place your target audience frequents most – their social media profiles and inboxes.

There are several things that make up a good strategic approach, such as including your address, office hours and plenty of calls to action in your content, as well as being extremely professional. 

When it comes to email marketing, using appropriate software will provide the structure and efficiency you need for your business. You will be able to collect new leads and clients and build long-lasting relationships with your community. It will help with establishing your reputation and the automated features available will do most of the work for you. And the bigger your client base, the more your business will prosper. 

No.4 – Creation of Content

Content in real estate has to have a stronger emphasis on visual presentation for obvious reasons.

First impressions are hard to forget, and the pictures or videos of properties you’ll want to sell have to be top-notch in order to keep your potential clientele going through that sales funnel right down to purchase. Create audio-visual content for online ads so that they are not only professional, but compelling as well.

Articles are also an efficient way to engage your target audience. You can have them posted on reputable real estate blogs, or have a blog of your own offering texts which targets frequently asked questions or offer advice to potential homeowners.

Either way, you can offer links to your content via social networking sites or send them by email (newsletters) in order to direct more traffic to your website. 

No.5 – It’s Cost-Effective and Easy to Use

Compared to traditional advertising, social media marketing is considerably less expensive and more promising.

You can set up a real estate business page on Facebook free of charge and ad creation is very simple and affordable. It’s much the same on other social media platforms such as Instagram and LinkedIn.

Email marketing can provide the highest return of all the marketing methods. It is a very good way to develop brand awareness while keeping the costs to a minimum. You can target potential customers directly and have individually tailored campaigns instead of just bombarding the clients with everything you have.

In closing, social media and email marketing are a must in today’s competitive environment, not just in real estate, but in all spheres of life. Their greatest benefit is that they provide a way for you to be visible to the right people and make potential customers think of you first when they have real estate needs, be it as a buyer or seller.

Ultimately, this kind of marketing undoubtedly puts you on the map in the most economically efficient way. 


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