Key Compliance Certificates Needed When Selling a Home

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  • 1 - Electrical Certificate of Compliance
  • 2 - Electric Fence Compliance Certificate
  • 3 - Gas Compliance Certificate
  • 4 - Certificate of Compliance of Water Installation
  • 5 - Beetle Certificate of Clearance

Selling a home is more than just spring cleaning the house and putting it on the market. There are many steps that need to be followed to ensure that your house is in good condition.

Sellers need to have a record of several compliance certificates stating that the home is ready for sale and for new people to safely live in it.

Without these certificates, you might have a lot of trouble when it comes to selling but when you do acquire it, you can look forward to a smooth journey:

1 – Electrical Certificate of Compliance

All homeowners must be in possession of an Electrical Certificate of Compliance (ECOC). This certificate is valid for two years upon issuing.

It verifies that the wiring, the electrical work, and installations have been completed by a professional electrician adhering to the rules as set out by the South African National Standards.

An electrical certificate covers the distribution boards, wiring and earthing of all components as well as the bonding of all metal components such as antennae and satellite dishes.

It also covers socket outlets but it does not cover fixed appliances such as stoves, motors, or underfloor heating.

2 – Electric Fence Compliance Certificate

Along with the ECOC, it is vital that the seller presents an Electric Fence Compliance Certificate.

This is only applicable to homeowners who have had electric fencing installed as a measure of safety and it is important to note that these two certificates are two completely different documents. The ECOC does not cover the installation of an electric fence.

This document states that the electric fence was installed by a professional and approved installer and that the systems are all in working order. As with the ECOC, this certificate is valid for two years.

3 – Gas Compliance Certificate

A Gas Compliance Certificate is valid for two years and must be issued when there is a change of ownership.

This certificate ensures that gas components are in a safe and working condition and that there are no leaks.

It also certifies that emergency shut-off valves have been installed in the correct position. It also covers the position of gas components and whether this has been installed correctly, and if it has been installed with an appropriate distance from doors, walls, and electrical appliances.

4 – Certificate of Compliance of Water Installation

This certificate is only applicable to homeowners that have property within the City of Cape Town, or in an area where the City of Cape Town is the municipality.

The purpose of this Certificate of Compliance of Water Installation is to limit water wastage and to ensure that the home has no defects such as leaks that could lead to high water bills.

This document certifies that the hot cylinder has been installed correctly and that the water meter measures water when a tap is opened and stops measuring when the tap is closed. This certificate does not cover aspects of plumbing and will not take into consideration the plumbing of the house.

The certificate is valid for 6 months from the date of issue, as per the City of Cape Town.

5 – Beetle Certificate of Clearance

There is no law that requires the seller to have a Beetle Certificate of Clearance, but in many cases, it has become common law for buyers to expect it from the seller, especially in coastal areas.

Beetle Certificate of Clearance shows that the house has been inspected for bugs and if any had been found, it had been exterminated.

The certificate is only issued when the house is free of any insects.

All-in-all, it is important that sellers get hold of these certificates before they put their home on the market, as it will make the home selling process much smoother and you, as the seller, will give the interested home buyer (and hopefully, soon-to-be homeowner) peace of mind.


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