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7 Interesting Decorating Tips for Your Patio

Patio season sounds like a great time to get creative, especially if you are on your own property.

Assembling the right patio set, containing a table, chairs, deck chairs and other can become your little house project.

Here are some interesting decorating tips and ideas for arranging your backyard or balcony with some interesting pieces of patio furniture:

No.1 – Planning

Whether you have a small backyard or a big balcony, the first thing to do when it comes to planning the patio is to plan the functional areas.

There should be a group sitting area, a place for a table, lonely area for a single person and perhaps some heaters or fireplace. This way you will make the biggest use out of your outdoor space.

If you have no idea where to start, take something like an orientation point. For example, if you have a pool, try to be far enough from the possibility of falling into it every minute. If you maybe have a built-in braai, try orienting your sitting area in a fair distance between the braai and the house back entrance.

No.2 – Bringing the indoors outdoor

Some people like to literally bring their indoor decoration and style of furniture outside and try to resemble it as much as they can. Of course, it is all up to your taste, but shouldn’t patio furniture be a little more… patio?

You know by the first look if that piece of furniture belongs inside or outside. You don’t want to be confused about whether this chair belongs to your garden or to your living room.

Also, resembling the inside on the outside can make you constantly feel like something’s not right, and like that table is not supposed to be for putting your mud cakes, children.

Relax. This is why we have outside furniture. Because there are a different set of rules outside.

No.3 – Curtains

Other than being so dreamy, the curtains can be practical as well.

Having the curtains or a pergola can add up to the charm of your backyard, not to mention improve the privacy. Especially during hot summer days, if in a broad color, curtains will reflect the light and make your backyard afternoons as relaxing as they can get.

Sipping cocktails by the pool, hidden behind the curtains, every day will look like your own private summer vacation.

No.4 – Shade

As much as the curtains look nice and dreamy, they are not actual sun protection equipment. The South African sun is everything but mild, so for some serious shade, you will need to consider serious means of protection.

Patio umbrellas are a first-aid, removable solution. If your backyard is full of trees, they can be a great asset. But if you spend a lot of time in your backyard, the retractable roof might be your best solution.

That is why many South Africans actually opt for a quality retractable roof (from such stores as Aspect Shade for example), in order to protect themselves and their loved ones in the backyard. The word retractable reveals their main benefit – they can be used as needed, and easily retracted when you don’t need them anymore. Made out of glass or some other durable material, they give a really great look to your backyard.

No.5 – Evening lightning

Don’t spend your summer evenings in dark. Adding some corner lights to cast the light on your sitting area will make the outside evening time more enjoyable.

If you have a pergola or area where you can hang things, you can consider hanging lightning. Otherwise, a broad choice of indoor and outdoor lamps are at your disposal to help you make your backyard or balcony more comfortable and intimate.

Even some torch lights with real fire are considerable, but you need to be especially careful with an open flame.

No.6 – Patio heaters

Adding heaters to your patio will ensure that your evenings spent outside can prolong even when the summer is gone. There are many options for patio heaters, such as the electric fireplace or natural gas or propane patio heaters.

Also, keeping some outside blankets can be useful when it gets really chilly, so the nights can turn into warm and cosy.

No.7 – Cushions

Regardless of your sitting area design, there is always space for cushions. Whether they are an essential part of your furniture or just an asset, they are always a space to get creative on. The main thing is to choose natural, easy maintenance materials, so they can easily be put in a laundry machine.

Also, by simply changing the pillowcases every year, you will have a completely new patio set for the smallest effort. And not to mention commodity and comfort of having a lot of outdoor cushions.

Patio furniture is an important aspect of your backyard and it can be of a great influence on your house appearance in general. Putting a little effort into designing and arranging your patio can result in lovely afternoons spent outside with your loved ones.

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