4 Key Reasons To Get A Home Inspection Before You Buy A House

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  • #1 - It gives you power to negotiate
  • #2 - Don’t judge a home by its visual appeal
  • #3 - A home inspection saves you money
  • #4 - Know what you buy

Home inspection industry experts have noted that at least 72% of (American) home buyers said that a home inspection would have helped with the purchase of their property and avoid potential problems.

And those statistics won’t be much different for homeowners in South-Africa! If anything, they will very likely be higher!

Many home buyers are often overwhelmed by emotion and they rarely make objective decisions about their new homes. This is where home inspectors come in, as they are an instrumental part in the property-buying game!

Here are 4 reasons why you, as a home buyer, should invest in the services of an experienced home inspector before buying a home:

#1 – It gives you power to negotiate

When major problems are revealed during an inspection, you are put in a position to (re)negotiate.

Following such an inspection, considering the faults discovered in the house, you can ask for the price to be lowered. Say, for example, you made a home inspection part of your offer and the inspector’s report shows that ‘urgent repairs’ amount to R200,000 in the very near term, you can either ask for the price to be lowered or request repairs to be done by the homeowner.

Let’s be straightforward here: you don’t have to walk away from the home because of its faults – as long as you’re being compensated for making the repairs of course!

If the homeowner agrees to the suggested repairs, you will have saved tens or hundreds of thousands AND still have your ‘dream home’! Sounds like a win-win to us!

#2 – Don’t judge a home by its visual appeal

A lot of home buyers entering the market feel that they don’t need a home inspection done. But no matter how long a house has been on the market, its vitals still need to be checked.

If a house’s exterior looks perfect, let’s not assume it actually is! It might be the most expensive mistake that you can make.

Let’s not forget that the plumbing, electrical, and other mechanical services age over the years and need closer inspection.

Having a professional home inspection is the only way for you to determine what the inner workings of the house actually look like and the likely longevity of it before repairs are due.

#3 – A home inspection saves you money

In order to save money, you sometimes have to spend a little bit, especially when buying property.

Home inspectors charge anywhere between R2,000 – R4,000 for a home inspection, depending on the size of the home, and while it might seem like a lot to pay upfront on something you may not buy in the end, just think of how much you will save in the long run if the inspection report discovers a major issue which could potentially cost R100,000 or more to repair?!

Inspectors check out everything from roof beams, raised roof tiles that might cause water damage and missing insulation. Now, if you skip the home inspection and have to rewire the whole house shortly after registration because of a missed fault, wouldn’t you have wished to have paid those few thousands “insurance” to find out today?

#4 – Know what you buy

And, last but not least, probably THE most important reason to initiate a home inspection is to know exactly what it is that you are putting your money into.

Call it ‘peace of mind’, if you wish! No fear of any skeletons falling out of the closet!

Like any other large purchase, it is important to research your house, get the history of the house and let the inspector tell you what the current state of the house is, as well as any potential problems that might pop up in the short-and-medium term.

The more information you have on hand, the more empowered you will be, and the less surprised you will be in the future if anything should happen!

Professional inspectors will help you make better decisions based on their findings. Hiring a professional home inspector not only puts your mind at ease, but it prepares you and gives you enough confidence to invest in your dream home.

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