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Home Improvement Projects to Tackle Before Moving Into a New House

Story Highlights
  • 1. Change the locks
  • 2 - Remove popcorn ceilings
  • 3 - Paint the interior
  • 4 - Add storage options
  • 5 - Make electrical upgrades
  • 6 - Replace the flooring
  • 7 - Install fencing
  • 8 - Call pest control
  • 9 - Deep clean
  • 10 - Remodel an entire room

Moving into a new house can put a lot of pressure on you. You have so many things to worry about and you need to make sure that you have ticked all the boxes before the big day.

The last thing you want to do is add more things to your to-do list but home improvement is one thing you don’t want to skip.

Before you get excited about unpacking the boxes and chilling on the couch, make sure that you take care of these things first:

1. Change the locks

You want to make sure that your family is safe, and changing the locks in your new home will give you that peace of mind.

You don’t know who has copies of the keys and it violates your privacy knowing that other people might walk around with an extra set. 

2 – Remove popcorn ceilings

Very trendy once upon a time, but sadly not anymore.

Popcorn ceilings give the house an outdated look and these ceilings could contain asbestos that can be harmful to your health. Perhaps contact the professionals and have it removed as soon as possible. 

3 – Paint the interior

You might already consider getting rid of that mustard-coloured accent wall and the best way to do it is with a fresh coat of paint in the colour of your choice.

If possible, paint the walls before you move in so that you aren’t confronted with that pungent smell. 

4 – Add storage options

The house might come with built-in cupboards and drawers so try to replace the old wooden clothing rods with aluminum rods. If you have a smaller space, you can install vertical shelves that go all the way up the walls.

Remember to declutter before you move – this will save you a lot of space!

5 – Make electrical upgrades

It is true that electrical upgrades can be done at any time but it’s easier to do it when the rooms are empty.

If the house is older, you might want to install extra electrical outlets or upgrading the existing ones. 

6 – Replace the flooring

A brand new home rarely requires floor replacements but in an older house, it might be a necessity.

If there is a carpet that you hate, the perfect time to rip it up is before you move in. You can also then treat the wooden floors so that everything is ready when you move in. 

7 – Install fencing

Many homes don’t have adequate fencing for pets or children, so before they arrive replace the fencing around your yard or swimming pool area.

It is a desired feature by many homeowners because it gives privacy and adds an extra layer of safety around your property. 

8 – Call pest control

If you notice termites or other pests in your home, don’t wait until you’ve moved in before calling pest control.

This will only mean that you have to stay somewhere else for a few days so that they can fog your house! 

9 – Deep clean

The best way to do a deep clean of a house is when it is still empty. Whether you do it yourself or call in a professional, make sure every nook and cranny is scrubbed.

Pay careful attention to areas like the kitchen and bathroom where grime builds up easily. 

10 – Remodel an entire room

If you know that you want to remodel a room, do it before moving in. It will cause less of an inconvenience and everything will be brand new when you move in. 

Don’t add extra stress to an already stressful process. Make sure you do everything you can in terms of home improvement before you move into your new home. 


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