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4 Ideas for Designing a Family-Friendly Outdoor Space

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  • #1 - Maximise Space
  • #2 - Give Everyone Their Own Space
  • #3 - Get Back to Nature
  • #4 - Create a Family Garden

The backyard is your very own piece of nature. It can be a space to come together as a family, unwind after a long day and can mean hours of wholesome fun.

However, this isn’t always the case.

If you and your little ones are spending less and less time enjoying your outdoor living space, then it might be time for a spruce up. Designing a family-friendly backyard may seem daunting at first, so we’ve handpicked our favourite ideas.

These design ideas are sure to transform any yard into the outdoor space your family has always dreamed of:

#1 – Maximise Space

Whether you’ve got a tiny patio or a massive lawn, making the most of the space you’ve got is an absolute must.

Nobody likes a cluttered backyard. Littered tools and things left out can completely ruin your outdoor aesthetic, plus with kids running around it can be a recipe for disaster.

Avoid an accident waiting to happen and get hooked-up. Whether it’s in a shed or on a fence hook up your tools and keep that precious ground space for what matters.

#2 – Give Everyone Their Own Space

Tensions arise from people simply wanting different things. Your little ones want to play and run around, while others may want to sit and relax.

Make sure everyone has their own space, and one doesn’t spill into the other. Setting up a corner of your backyard just for your kids is also a great way to make your yard more family-friendly.

Giving a child their own space, be it a treehouse, sandpit or even a swing means hours of fun and can do wonders for your child’s development. Setting up a seating area overlooking the play area is a great way to allow yourself to relax with an eye on the little one whenever it is needed.

#3 – Get Back to Nature

Help create that natural aesthetic that you’ve always wanted for your yard and keep the family happy at the same time.

Why not try to incorporate natural elements into your structures? Consider building a sandpit using logs as borders. Using a tree for a swing, rather than a swing set, is another great way to bolster your natural look. Plus, as a bonus, it’s much easier to take down when it’s no longer needed.

And if you want to have a trampoline without ruining your natural aesthetic, consider digging down, so that it’s flush with the ground. Your new tramp will look great and can even be safer when done correctly.

#4 – Create a Family Garden

Growing your own food can be a great family bonding experience.

Have you ever thought of this option?

Getting the little ones involved can teach them valuable skills and can be amazing for their developing minds.

Plus, gardening is an opportunity to teach our kids where their food comes from. As an added bonus, gardening can help them to get excited about vegetables. A family garden doesn’t necessarily require room enough for a whole garden or veggie patch.

Getting started can be as easy as having an assortment of planters on your deck or patio. Start off planting something you know you’re children enjoy. Strawberries, for instance, are tasty and easy to grow, same with snow peas.

Get started on your family garden now and your only problem will be sneaky little fingers eating all your fruits and veggies. 

Bottom line: no one wants to be stuck inside all summer, yet with cluttered backyards and a lack of fun activities for the kids, it’s all too easy to end up inside. Break the trend, start a conversation in your family and dream up your perfect outdoor living space. Start now, and the backyard of your dreams will be closer than ever. 

About the author: Harper Reid is a freelance writer based in Auckland, New Zealand who especially loves writing about home, travel, and lifestyle topics. Explore more of her published pieces on her personal blog.

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