More Than One Way To Skin A Real Estate Cat!

How often do home sellers rely on their ‘gut feel’ in choosing a real estate agent when selling their properties?

“Do you believe this! Look how comfortable our cat is around you! She’s normally very shy and would never behave like that around a stranger!”

If a cat immediately knows whether to trust a person, does that mean we as humans should as well? How comfortable would we be to hire that real estate agent right away if ‘it clicks’?

Can we determine whether (or not) the real estate agent you’re interviewing will fit in with the home’s synergy based on the cat’s behaviour? With every home having its own dynamics, who better to decide than an observant house cat!?

Choosing a real estate agent to represent your property (and indirectly you) in the real estate market is an important decision to make.

As a home seller, we need to be aware that this real estate agent individual will be intrinsically engaged in the day-to-day household activities. Yes, that’s with its varying degrees of routine, drama and entertainment!

As much as the process of selling a house is part of a business transaction, the home itself is not a place of business, hence the agent will need to make sure to respect your privacy, as well as the importance of protecting your family during the entire marketing process.

Having said that, it is interesting to note that some of these business decisions are made by a rational, left brain, activity, rather than an intuitive (read: gut feel), right brain activity!

We all know that rational decision-making can take somewhat longer to manifest, while the intuitive portion of it is almost instantaneous! Surprisingly, a lot of successful business people have actually sworn by the great results yielded by the latter.

Intuitive thinking can be classified as a pre-conscious activity, which is in contrast to the (sub)conscious activities. In other words, the mind builds up a frame of reference from all previous experiences. For example, if you’ve been bitten by a spider in the past, you’ll intuitively know not to immediately pick one up next time you’re faced with one! Right?

It was Albert Einstein, who said that, “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

Studies have shown that decisions based on intuitive thinking can leave one with a greater sense of contentment in the decision itself, as well as in the subsequent outcome! Would therefore choosing the right real estate agent for the job prepare the path to a successful sale of one’s home?

Obviously, there are a number of other elements which come into play when deciding on selecting the right real estate agent: how about the size and brand power of the agency the agent is working for? Or how about the personal qualifications and experience of the individual agent? While a new agent might be very excited and motivated to get started with the marketing process of your home, when it comes to contract negotiation time, the lack of experience might end up costing you a lot of money!

Keeping at least the last paragraph in mind, your personal intuitive ‘gut feel’ might still be the deciding factor, helped by the cat’s behaviour around the agent of course!

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