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5 Must-See Movies For Real Estate Agents

Story Highlights
  • Movie #1 - Downton Abbey (2019)
  • Movie #2 - Arizona (2018)
  • Movie #3 - I Love You, Man (2009)
  • Movie #4 - Baby Boom (1987)
  • Movie #5 - Glengarry Glen Ross (1992)

When you think of Hollywood you always think of the glitz and the glam. The movies are often too good to be true and the characters usually have lives we can only dream about having.

A movie is almost not complete without a gorgeous backdrop and at least one stunning house that takes your breath away, right?

The architectural designs that some movies feature are unbelievable and there is nothing wrong with enjoying a movie for the backdrop instead of the plot.

Here are 5 movies that circle real estate agents and gorgeous homes:

Movie #1 – Downton Abbey (2019)

The movie version of the popular series by the same name continues the story of the wealthy Crawley family but in between the twists of this film, the characters are not the stars of the show.

The glorious house, known as Highclere Castle, is a visual treat on the big screen. Everything screams sophistication from the landscaping to the interior design of the building.

Its timelessness gives the audience a glimpse into the luxurious world of Old England and, without giving away any spoilers, it is suited for the queen herself.

Downtown Abbey” is a must-watch for any real estate buff.

Movie #2 – Arizona (2018)

The movie “Arizona” offers a new perspective on the lives of real estate agents and it highlights possible dangers that they might face.

Well, it really goes sinister from the get-go as it follows the story of an enraged homeowner who attacks his real estate agent after his house price suddenly plummets.

Spoiler alert (thus enough time to stop reading and skip this paragraph): he actually resorts to murdering his own agent and kidnapping another real estate agent and her daughter in an attempt to cover up his original crime.

This movie comes with a trigger-warning (pardon the pun), but overall, it nonetheless adds to the canon of real estate movies every agent ought to watch, as it makes one aware of the scary but true reality for agents out there!

Movie #3 – I Love You, Man (2009)

If you are in the mood for a feel-good comedy then I Love You, Man is the perfect movie for you.

A newly-engaged real estate agent has the mammoth task of selling Lou Ferrigno’s – the original TV Hulk – LA mansion, which is featured in some stunning shots. He befriends a man who then tries to assist him in his task and some of it goes hilariously haywire.

Real estate agents will feel a sense of familiarity with references to open houses, marketing strategies, and working with difficult clients.

Heck, you might even pick up a few tips on how to market yourself and how to build your brand. 

Movie #4 – Baby Boom (1987)

The last one of the list, “Baby Boom“, takes us way back to 1987 where Diane Keaton plays a corporate Wall Street powerhouse. She reluctantly becomes an adoptive mother and moves to the countryside where she buys a house.

As soon as winter moves in, the beautiful farmhouse starts showing its flaws. You almost want to cry with her when she realizes everything needs to be replaced – from the roof to the furnace!

It is a good reminder to buyers, as well as real estate agents (especially in South Africa), that a home inspector is truly invaluable when purchasing a home. 

Movie #5 – Glengarry Glen Ross (1992)

And last but not least, we cannot complete this list without the legendary “Glengarry Glen Ross” film which portrays the dodgier side of real estate!

Does the line “ABC – Always Be Closing” ring a bell?

It is based on David Mamet’s Pulitzer Prize-winning play in which he tells of his own experiences as a real estate agent in New York City.

It explores the pressures of working in a high-pressure sales environment and it highlights how toxic such a working place can be.

It provides plenty of scenes that stay with you long after the movie is over and it boasts a stellar cast in the early days of their careers, such as Al Pacino, Alec Baldwin, Jack Lemmon, and Ed Harris. 


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