8 Advantages of Raising Your Family in an Apartment

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  • No.1 - Financial Benefits
  • No.2 - Location
  • No.3 - Low maintenance
  • No.4 - One-Level Apartments
  • No.5 - Increases Family Interaction
  • No.6 - Community Benefits
  • No.7 - Instils Important Values in Children
  • No.8 - You can still have pets

Raising a family in an apartment may seem unconventional, but this type of living is on the rise for families.

Today, apartments should be a consideration when choosing where to live with your family.

There are many positive aspects of living in an apartment with children:

No.1 – Financial Benefits

For starters, an apartment is often more affordable than a detached dwelling.

A lower mortgage means you have the financial flexibility to enjoy more of life’s luxuries. Whereas, if you are renting, apartments are generally less expensive as well, which means more toys for the kids!

Another benefit of renting an apartment is that it puts you in the position to move on short notice if a career opportunity arises. 

No.2 – Location 

Adding in apartments to your property search provides a broader range of locations to choose from to find the place best suited to your family’s needs.

You have more opportunities to live closer to the city or a school district you prefer, as well as finding a safe and family-friendly neighbourhood.

If you work in the city, inner-city living can be a great option for working parents, as cutting down commute times means you get home earlier and spend more time with your family before they go to sleep. 

No.3 – Low maintenance

A great advantage of living in an apartment is that they are generally very low maintenance properties which means less cleaning, gardening, and general maintenance compared to a house.

So, you’ll have more time to enjoy doing the things you love. 

No.4 – One-Level Apartments

Single-level living is perfect for young families because it often requires less child-proofing and makes it easier to hear your children during the night.

No.5 – Increases Family Interaction

Having one shared living room means more opportunity for ‘quality’ family time and the chance for you to keep a closer eye on their activity.

Also, if your children are sharing a bedroom, they are more likely to entertain each other.

No.6 – Community Benefits

Because you are living in a smaller space, you are more likely to venture out during the day. This improves your health, social interaction and community participation.

Also, if you are living in an apartment building, the facilities that may be provided such as a pool or community playground would be excellent for your young ones.

It gives them a chance to burn their energy in a convenient location for you, and the opportunity to meet other young families in the building.

Apartment living can provide a more social lifestyle for your family.

No.7 – Instils Important Values in Children

Living in a smaller property can sometimes encourage compromise and patience from all family members.

Your children will learn to share, and become more conscious and respectful of other people’s space and possessions.

Also, if you are living in an apartment building, the interaction with neighbours and shared spaces will help develop their social skills and teach them to be considerate with other children in their living community.

No.8 – You can still have pets

If your kids are begging for a pet, living in an apartment doesn’t hinder your family the opportunity to have one.

Many apartment buildings allow pets, and there are lots of pets that are suited to this type of living. 

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