5 Ways Your Real Estate Agent Could Be Sabotaging Your Home Sale

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  • #1 - Your agent is a people pleaser
  • #2 - Your agent takes a low commission
  • #3 - Your agent is MIA (Missing In Action)
  • #4 - Your agent has had minimal buyer viewings
  • #5 - Your agent has no marketing plan

Your real estate agent claims that they have been showing your house day and night, meanwhile, they’ve been lounging around the pool with one of your leftover cocktails in their hands with no promise of a buyer in sight.

It sounds like a joke, doesn’t it?

It might sound extreme, but what do you do if your real estate agent is sabotaging your home sale?

They might not do it intentionally, but some agents might be the cause of your home sitting on the market for such a long time.

Here are a few signs that your real estate agent might be sabotaging your sale:

#1 – Your agent is a people pleaser

Your agent might tell you that your home is worth more than it actually is.

Often you will find an agent that lies about your home’s market value in order to get the listing. If this happens, you can actually miss out on a huge pool of buyers.

Furthermore, for the interested buyers in your real estate market, it is difficult to get out of that vicious circle and actually get the property to sell at its actual price.

All real estate agents pretty much work with the same set of software & available market data, so if that agent goes about purposely overpricing your property, he definitely doesn’t have your best interest at heart!

#2 – Your agent takes a low commission

Low commission might sound like the deal of a lifetime to you, but in reality, it could be detrimental to your sale.

A lower paycheck for agents involved in a sale might discourage the buyer’s agent from ever showing the home to their clients.

Say, the mandated commission is signed at 6%. A seller agent and buyer agent will each get 50% of that commission, so if the signed commission is 5% or even 4%, would it be fair to state that the buyer agent might prefer to show his clients properties which pay more for the agent himself?

An agent would rather work with someone who can guarantee 3% rather than 2% or even 1.5%.

#3 – Your agent is MIA (Missing In Action)

It might not happen immediately, but as soon as you sign your 90-day exclusive contract with your agent and they stop texting, calling, or responding to your modes of communication, something is definitely fishy.

Real estate agents stand to make money on your transaction, so there should be no reason for them not to communicate with you. Some agencies refer to an exclusive mandate as a post-dated check!

If agents don’t return your calls, there is a good chance that they don’t want to work with you.

A great agent, on the other hand, will take your calls at all times or return them as soon as they can.

#4 – Your agent has had minimal buyer viewings

If your local real estate market is thriving and your agent isn’t showing your home to potential home buyers on a constant basis, this should be a red flag to you.

If you feel like they are showing it to fewer people than they should, they may not be trying to sell it at all. Their reputation alone should invite people to look at the house.

Listen to your gut: if you feel the real estate agent isn’t putting in the necessary effort, it is probably true!

#5 – Your agent has no marketing plan

Real estate is a business and as with all businesses, you need a marketing plan to sell. This should be laid out by your real estate agent before you even sign the contract.

Some agents don’t schedule any open houses as they feel it is a waste of time and an outdated technique. Marketing can be done on the internet and it is encouraged.

However, if the agent is making no effort, physically or digitally, it is time to reconsider the partnership and find an agent who cares as much about your home as you do.

Good luck!

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