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5 Basic Reasons to Reconsider Wallpaper

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  • No.1 - Amp up the drama
  • No.2 - Energise a small space
  • No.3 - Play with pattern
  • No.4 - Add a little romance
  • No.5 - Appreciate historic interiors

For the past couple of years, single-coat white walls have dominated the domestic scene when it comes to decoration.

But it is time for these and other neutral colours to step aside – wallpaper is making a comeback.

Rooms can spring to life with the right type of wallpaper and even the most mundane interior spaces can look fresh again. No matter what type of style you have in mind, the right wallpaper is out there and you can easily find the print that is right for you.

Here are five reasons why you should consider wallpaper when redecorating:

No.1 – Amp up the drama

Whether you decide to hang wallpaper on all four walls or turn one of them into an accent piece, wallpaper enriches any room.

Your choice in pattern and colour will depend on the style and layout of the room.

You can easily coordinate the wallpaper with the colours of other furniture that will share the space like sofas, tables, and headboards, or even something smaller like cushions and carpets. You can also choose to play with sharp contrasts, for example if you have a neutral room add a splash of colour.

Don’t be afraid to go bold!

No.2 – Energise a small space

If you are a bit apprehensive when it comes to wallpaper in large spaces, then you can easily play around with it in a smaller room.

Make a powder room or reading nook your guinea pig and experiment with the different colours and patterns. Choose a small-scale print for a traditional look or try an edgy, over-sized motif if you are feeling daring!

If smaller rooms are still too big of a commitment, then you can experiment with the inside of your cupboard.

You can chop and change the wallpaper every so often until you are happy with the design and you’ll smile every time you get dressed!

No.3 – Play with pattern

The number one rule with decorating is usually to stick with one pattern and not to mix them up too much.

When it comes to wallpaper, the rulebook doesn’t apply.

If you love mixing and matching patterns on your upholstery, pillows and rugs, then you will definitely have fun with wallpaper patterns. Choose a colour scheme that will unite all the patterns in a single room and allow one print to take center stage.

Allow smaller accents support the main pattern with their own different patterns.

No.4 – Add a little romance

Tired of your bedroom looking boring and tired?

Wallpaper placed in the bedroom or bathroom can lend a romantic touch especially with flower prints such as roses and poppies.

You can carry swatches of fabric that will share the space when you choose your new wallpaper colour. It is always a good idea to opt for muted shades over saturated colours in order to maintain a calming effect in the bedroom.

Pastels and warm colours can work well depending on the colours that you presently have in your bedroom and bathroom.

No.5 – Appreciate historic interiors

If you love historic architecture and design like the ones found in old colonial homes, then wallpaper is the perfect solution for you.

You can transport any room in your home back to a different era, from the Victorian times up until the 70s.

No matter what era you are drawn to, you can buy wallpaper to replicate the look in your home. You can seek out exact-replicas of the specific era that you are in love with or choose a pattern that simply captures the spirit of the past.

Wallpaper is making a serious return and it’s coming back with a bang!

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