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Should You Serve Snacks At Your Next Open House?

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  • 1 - Why Serve Snacks at an Open House
  • 2 - Which Snacks to Serve at Your Next Open House
  • 3 - Tips When Serving Snacks at an Open House

Holding an open house is a great way to showcase any property that you are selling.

One great way to entertain your guests and make them experience how it’s like to eat and live in the house is by offering them snacks and drinks. 

However, you should also plan the snacks to serve at your next open house. Don’t just go to the nearest store and buy some chips. In case you didn’t know, serving snacks and the manner you present them have mood-enhancing effects, too.

1 – Why Serve Snacks at an Open House

Real estate agents need to have a good reputation to get people to trust them and get them to buy a property from them. Part of that is being known as established and reliable in terms of property selling. And one established way you can do this is by holding an open house.

Holding an open house, though, is not just about showcasing the features of the property itself. Some minor additions, such as serving snacks and refreshments, also promote a good impression.

Serving snacks is the same as saying that you care about your clients. You want them to feel comfortable and replenished throughout the viewing process. Still, the simple act of serving snacks while holding an open house already gives an initial impression that you are appreciative of their visit.

Serving refreshments encourages visitors to stay longer and become comfortable with the atmosphere. This also invites visitors to be in the mood for talks. Your visitors would then be probably asking questions and showing interest in your property.

2 – Which Snacks to Serve at Your Next Open House

You do not necessarily need catered food. After all, you don’t need to throw your budget overboard with food. Home-made snacks can be equally satisfying and appealing when you use a bit of creativity. 

Here are some examples of easy home-made snacks that you can serve in your next open house:

  • Assorted fresh veggie sticks: Vegetables like carrots, cucumbers, and bell peppers are not only affordable – they are also easy to prepare. Simply serve them with 2 or 3 choices of dip for variety. 
  • Mini food skewers: This is a popular finger food that you can serve in an open house, too. Food skewers allow you to be flexible with what foods to include in the skewer. You can go all-meat, meat and cheese, or meat and vegetables or other combinations. Just place a small bowl for used skewers.
  • Biscuits and cookies: These are also a convenient choice for a snack to serve in an open house. These are particularly good with children and give any house a warm, home feeling.
  • Bite-size snacks and appetizers: These are great to serve, too, because bite-sized snacks eliminate crumbs scattering all around the flooring.
  • Mixed nuts. In a hurry, you can buy assorted, ready-to-eat nuts like Planters and serve them in classy bowls. 

You also need to serve beverages to compliment the snacks. Alcoholic drinks may not be an option right now, you can substitute cocktails with other drinks. Here are some popular drinks to serve in an open house.

  • Mocktails: To put it simply, these are cocktails without alcohol. Just inform your guests that your cocktails aren’t the real deal. They’re also convenient if your guests need to drive.
  • Lemonade: Lemonade is not only refreshing but also rich in vitamin C. You can serve lemonade in pitchers or in a punch bowl to cut on refills.
  • Tea and coffee:  Some people want to warm up during the event, especially when you are holding the event in cold or rainy weather.

3 – Tips When Serving Snacks at an Open House

The following tips are helpful when serving snacks for an open house:

  • Offer treats for kids, too. Some visitors have children along. If the kids are bored, then the parents would probably leave early.
  • Place the snacks table in the best area of the house, preferably where there is enough lighting for an inviting mood. Alternatively, place the snacks table in an area that you want to highlight.
  • Serve snacks in small or bite-sized portions and assign garbage cans strategically to discourage crumbs and skewers scattering around the area.

Serving snacks in an open house is a great way to promote your property and your reputation as a real estate agent.

It encourages visitors to linger longer and be game for talks. The snacks need not be expensive because simple homemade recipes are as good when served with some creativity.

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