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5 Signs of a Bad Real Estate Agent

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  • #1 - No web presence
  • #2 - Self-involved
  • #3 - Inspection attendance
  • #4 - Funny money
  • #5 - It feels like work

You have finally found the person that you think is the perfect partner in your real estate journey. They walk the walk, but do they talk the talk?

The signs of bad real estate agents aren’t always that obvious and home buyers often find out too late.

The red flags will pop up right under your nose and you won’t even realize it. Don’t ignore the gut feeling that you have. If something feels off, it probably is.

Here are a few signs that you have chosen the wrong real estate agent:

#1 – No web presence

This should already alert you.

Real estate agents in the 21st century cannot function without the internet and they should absolutely have a web presence.

Most people view houses on computers or smartphones and a lot of advertising gets done online.

If your real estate agent has an online presence, have a look at their website. If the site is faulty and if the photos are bad quality, it should tell you that this real estate agent is probably not a professional.

And if there are no photos at all, you should be running for the hills already.

#2 – Self-involved

You should always remember that when you are looking for a home, the focus is on you.

It is all about what you want and what you need.

If your agent is self-involved, it is definitely time to ditch him or her. No matter how seasoned and experienced they might appear, they should make you a priority.

The real estate agent should never be too busy to talk to you or appear arrogant and rude. If you feel like they have a hidden agenda, they are hiding the truth, or if they are unable to listen to you properly, find another agent.

#3 – Inspection attendance

Any reputable real estate agent will recommend that you have a house inspection done and what’s more is that they will be there when the inspection is being done.

They will also be available during any other time you want to contact them. If your agent does not attend the home inspection, it is something to worry about.

The inspector will give you a detailed report of the situation of the house and the real estate agent should be there to ensure that they explain the technicalities to you and for further advice.

#4 – Funny money

In an ideal world, a real estate agent can be researched and checked up on before you put your trust in them, but unfortunately, people are sneakier without you knowing it.

If you suspect any underhanded dealings like under-the-table payments, ditch your real estate agent immediately.

Your real estate agent should offer you complete transparency and open communication. Many people only find out after they have signed the contract that their agent has been paying other agents commission, taking cash for listings, or even hiding listings.

This are not the characteristics of a professional agent.

#5 – It feels like work

Sure, we all started our jobs with bright eyes and after a few years it becomes a habit, but in real estate, every sale is a personal sale.

If your agent treats you like just another job, it could be a dangerous sign.

Buying a home is an exciting process and it should be one that you can enjoy. It won’t be much fun if your agent keeps on making you feel uncomfortable all the time or makes you feel like you are bothering them. If you feel this way, look for greener pastures.

Your real estate agent can make or break the process. Don’t allow an unprofessional agent to ruin the journey!

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