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5 Ways a Water Tank Can Improve Your Lifestyle

Story Highlights
  • 1 - It saves you money
  • 2 - It gets you off the grid
  • 3 - It feeds your garden
  • 4 - It teaches important life lessons
  • 5 - It increases your property value

The previous few years have shown that Mother Nature truly is more awesome than we could ever imagine and that it can affect our daily lives.

Cape Town and surrounding areas have just escaped a serious drought and had to impose water restrictions.

Even though this phenomenon has blown over, it might happen again in the future. The more water we save in the present, the better we’ll be able to live in the years to come.

A water tank is a great way to save water and money, and it can add value to your home.

1 – It saves you money

The most important thing: it will definitely make your Randelas stretch a bit further at the end of the month.

Installing a water tank takes a huge chunk off your utility bill. It makes your household less dependent on the municipal water supply, which will then decrease your water accounts.

The capital cost of installing a water tank is enough to scare anyone away, because it is quite a big amount, but if you look at it long-term, it truly is an investment that will benefit you financially.

2 – It gets you off the grid

As stated above, a water tank means that you no longer require water services from the municipality.

This protects you from a future water crisis where the municipality’s infrastructure cannot meet the demands of the area.

If a drought hits, you will still have access to clean drinking water without having to fetch it from designated points.

Installing a water tank will completely change your lifestyle for the better, as well. You will become more aware of your water usage which will lead to your household becoming more eco-friendly. You might even install solar panels by the end of the year!

3 – It feeds your garden

Keeping your lawn green and looking luscious can really cause a spike in your utility bill, especially if you live in a dry area where rainfall is scarce.

With a water tank, you can keep your garden looking great throughout the whole year without paying extra for it.

Using a water tank for water irrigation for your garden, you can plan exactly how much water you are going to need and cater accordingly. It will also assist you in planning your seasonal planning schedules.

4 – It teaches important life lessons

Installing a water tank can provide a holistic experience for the whole family, especially if you have young children.

With global warming only getting worse, it is important to teach the younger generation how to be frugal with water and the environment.

The more knowledge they are equipped with, the better it will be for the generations after them. Habits are formed by watching parents, so if you take saving water seriously, the chances are high that they will do the same in their homes one day.

If everyone works together, climate change will be a thing of the past and weather patterns won’t be as unpredictable.

5 – It increases your property value

Green living is an increasing trend in the property market and there is a growing demand for homes with green living features.

A potential buyer will definitely opt for a home that has a water tank where they are guaranteed to save money at the end of the month.

It will also provide them with a sense of assurance that they will have a cost-free, stable water supply every day. If you create a home that is completely free from municipal resources, you will attract a larger group of buyers than before.

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