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4 Steps to Decorate Your Living Room With Accent Furniture

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  • Step 1 - Figure Out Your Style
  • Step 2 - Consider an Area Rug
  • Step 3 - Set up the Wall Hue
  • Step 4 - Add Accent Furniture

When it comes to the matters of home décor, one of the most interesting parts of the job would be decorating your living room.

Just imagine, you have a large canvas to paint on, and plenty of room to make your living quarters look exactly like you want them to. 

You can experiment with colors, cheeky pieces of foreign furniture, lighting, those Japanese partitioning screens – you name it. Anything that pops into your mind can be used as an idea to overhaul your beloved living room and make it into a place of relaxation, joy, and other nice things. 

In this article, we’ll propose to you to experiment with accent furniture, a special breed of furniture made to play a special aesthetic role in your home and so improve your home décor at a relatively cheap price. We’ll also explain what you need to do to get there in terms of preparing ‘the ground’ for placing this furniture about the house. 

Alright then, folks, here’s the deal:

Step 1 – Figure Out Your Style 

First things first, it’s imperative you figure out what your style is if you’re about to decorate your house

This doesn’t have to mean you have to subscribe to a certain style already in existence, of course. You can just as well invent your own thing and then do whatever you deem interesting with your chairs, rugs, and paint to produce a unique and fresh perspective.

If you like wood, for example, you can install a wooden floor such as parquet, and then paint your walls in a warm hue that reminds you of nature. Also, you can install wooden chairs, wooden cupboards, and an entire array of wooden furniture of your choice. 

If, on the other hand, you prefer more of a cheeky beach party vibe for your living room, you can opt for rubber floors, white walls, inflatable furniture, and then a rich array of beach paraphernalia. 

Step 2 – Consider an Area Rug

This especially goes for the folks who have exceptionally large living rooms and can’t figure out a way to make them appear more domestic and filled with various items. 

So, the main idea is to invest in a sizeable area rug (well, the size would depend on how big the area is), and then fill a stylistic hole on the ground, so to speak.

This way, you can bring one more item in your living room without taking up any space at all, pretty much. 

Also, rugs can be any color or pattern, so having an area rug can be a great way to further enhance the appearance and the color pattern of your living room, without spending too much money on it.

Step 3 – Set up the Wall Hue 

Your wall represents a part of your house you can paint many times over and after you’ve finished with your painting overhaul you can say that your entire house now looks different.

This is, of course, because walls are all around you (unless you live in a teepee), so if that horizontal space can be colored in your favorite hue, the atmosphere is sure to change for the better with it, as well. 

If you want something light and airy, go for either white or light blue. If you like heavy metal, go for dark purple or some other scary color.

Of course, you should not exclude variously patterned designs as a piece of repertoire you can take into consideration, as well. 

Step 4 – Add Accent Furniture 

The main purpose of accent furniture is to be pretty.

That said, most pieces of accent furniture are also viable as actual furniture and could be used for sitting, putting stuff on it, or storing items in it. So, it’s important to take into consideration the fact that these pieces of furniture mostly represent a fashion statement rather than a formal sitting arrangement or a cupboard. 

Luckily for anyone interested in investing in this sort of living room stylistic improvement, so to speak, various pieces of accent furniture abound on the market currently, so finding them won’t be that difficult.

What will probably be difficult, though, would be choosing the best model for your needs, because there are so many interesting pieces.

Accent furniture such as collapsible tables, multipurpose beds, and occasional chairs can enhance your living room both aesthetically and functionally, so investing in one or more of these items can be a great way to improve your living quarters. 

Bottom line

Accent furniture represents a cheeky and stylish way to turn what seems to be a boring piece of wood you sit on into a proper fashion statement (onto which you still can sit rather comfortably).

As long as you take your time to set up the rest of the environment for a special piece of accent furniture, you can rest assured you’ll have a unique and beautiful living room in no time!

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